Biking, Dogs, Soylent, Mayhem: Part 2


I wrote a bit about my first few days of soylent over here.

Last time we left our heroine, she was experiencing lots of appetite fluctuations, some weird cognitive stuff, and really kind of odd cravings. Let the mysteries be solved!

I tweaked my recipe a bit (the current one is here; please note I didn’t take snapshots of every stage so whatever displays is the Most Recent) – I’m still only consuming about 2/3 the RDA of fiber through soylent, but most of my chewable food intake is making up for that (two of my favorite snacks being stove-top popcorn & Fig Newtons), but I slashed the amount of dextrose in my recipe by over half. This drops my carb intake to about 70% RDA, which is waaaaaaay lower than I expected to be consuming, based on my previous diet. I finally got all my ingredients, and have been incorporating sulfur (slowly). So all those little tidbits have been more or less accounted for.

Cravings were totally explained by the onset of menses very soon after – unfortunately since I had only been on soylent like a week prior to The Bloodening, there’s not much I can accurately report in terms of change/stability there. Next time, though! Next time!!!

As for appetite fluctuations, I have no idea what the snot is going on. I’m no longer experiencing the fluctuations I indicated previously, but my consumption seems off. A whole batch of soylent, right now, contains about 1750 calories, which seems maybe a little low for my height, weight, and non-aerobic activity level. (At least, I think it seems low.) And even then, I’m maybe consuming half a batch a day, plus a few hundred calories in chewable food (perhaps not surprisingly, things high in sugar or starches). And this is definitely a trend and not an isolated incident. I’m … rather perplexed. It hasn’t been long enough for me to even bother assessing for any weight loss by any metric (scale or measurements), so I don’t know yet what, if anything, is happening on that front.

In terms of “side effects”, I’m noticing most of the usual things: my skin looks better (everywhere, but of course most notably in my face), my teeth don’t look any different yet (but I don’t have anywhere near the cottonmouth/dragonbreath feeling in the morning that I used to), I’m pooping a lot less in quantity and a bit less in frequency (according to the rigid metric of “what I kind of remember because I am NOT keeping a poop journal, not even for Science”).

Two (related) things I’ve noticed that I haven’t seen widely discussed, however: almost immediately after starting soylent, and this has definitely continued, I’ve found my sense of taste to be much more acute. As in, holy crap I can taste all the flavors. And then, I noticed that my sense of smell was improving. It’s worth noting that I used to get really frequent, bad nose bleeds, and during the Nose Bleed Years, I had a great sense of smell. Once the nosebleeds stopped (around puberty, thankfully), my sense of smell started to decline. I was never in any way particularly disabled in the olfactory bulb, but my sense of smell was … foggy, for lack of a better term. After some time on soylent, though, I’m definitely noticing that I can smell different and identify components of what I used to think was a single, unified scent. As a dogwalker, this is definitely a mixed blessing, but I still think it’s pretty neat.


After a week having 100% soylent, I walked in a restaurant to meet a few friends. The smell was overwhelming. I asked them if they thought the restaurant smelled more than usual (its our usual hang out). They thought I was crazy. I wonder if our bodies are trying to tell us something or just a refined sense of smell. I intentionally drank 500 kcal before leaving for the restaurant to make sure I was full, even though everything smelled great, I did not necessarily have an urge to eat.


Maybe the sense of smell increase is related to a change in one’s ph and subsequent mucus production? Or, more directly, mucus production.