Bills beginner recipe


Hey guys, these are my edits to the beginner DIY recipe after about 5 months of using soylent.

Mainly tweaks to the oat powder/maltodextrin content and the removal of ALIVE for a regular multivitamin. I found ALIVE was a little hard on the stomach. I also have less calories, carbs, and fiber in my recipe than robs recommendation, also because I found it easier on my stomach. If you require more just add more oat powder and maltodextrin. Not listed in the recipe, but I usually add some vanilla quick for taste.

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Would love to hear any feedback.


Change your amount of table salt to 1.5 g, and angels will descend from heaven to sing your glory.


Good point, my scale doesn’t have that precision so I was making sure I had enough Chloride. Suppose I’ll have to guestimate.


I think the salt packets from McDonalds are 1g servings, if you grab a few of those it’ll help with measuring.


Hi Bill !! Can I get your e-mail adress? Would like to invite you for something! Tks!!