Biolent 2016 Order

I have read reviews on Biolent and I am confused on the comments regarding taste. A slight chocolate flavour? Nope. I know tastes differ, but they do not, in the least, express what I taste. They are older posts, so maybe the formula has changed. Maybe I just got a bad batch?

Here is how I see it.

I have tried Biolent. Thoughts: Shipping was a little slow. It comes in 14 serving pouches(not one day pouches). It is a brownish / green powder in the bag, and turns green when mixed with water. I like the ingredients they use. I worry about the high content of some vitamins and minerals. Texture is like cream of wheat. It gets thicker as it sits in the fridge. It taste is like Flinstone vitamins without the fruity taste. Another take on the taste might be: If you took all the stuff off a health food store shelf and mixed it up, this is what it would taste like.

In my opinion it is a Soylent killer. I will stick with Soylent. I am starting to get used to the soy taste (after a month). I still preferred 1.5

So now I have 14 meals worth of Biolent. I imagine I will mix a tablespoon or two with each batch of soylent to get rid of it. I would hate to throw it out.

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What nutrients are you concerned are too high?

So you think other people will prefer it to Soylent?

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I assume they meant “isn’t”.

I never assume anything!


I have no idea if they are dangerously high.

But examples are 422% for molybdenum, 181% manganese. (per meal)

So a daily amount would be 17 times a daily amount for molybdenum.

Assumption correct. Mis-type. not a soylent killer. I don’t think I can edit it.

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It contains kale. Kale gives me CRAZY gas. It also contains brown rice protein which is what Rob suggested caused bad gas in some people in the early versions of Soylent.

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Ok, four servings per day?

So that would mean 1688% for molybdenum and 724% for manganese per day. Unless I’m very much mistaken, they will be using the old Daily Values (from 1968), which gives a target of 75mcg of molybdenum and 2mg of manganese.

Using these figures, we get a total amount of: 1266mcg of molybdenum and 14.48mg of manganese. Upper limits are 2000mcg for molybdenum (so this is fine) and 11mg for manganese. However, unless I’m very much mistaken, there has never been a case of manganese overdose or toxicity related purely to food intake, so it should be fine. Grains like oats (I assume one of their main ingredients) are very high in manganese, but even those eating several hundred grams of these a day experience no negative side effects - I’d assume it would be fine, though if you do go 100% at any point, look out for some of the signs of toxicity just to be safe.