Bitcoin Billing Problem



I had an error with my Bitcoin payment, where can I get help with this? The funds have been transferred out of my wallet, but the transaction via the website didn’t appear to work.


I believe they are using coinbase for the bitcoin payment, so you would probably want to take it up with coinbase support. Although if you tell me your public wallet address and the address you sent your money to I could check out the transaction for you.

I think when I had an error with mine I just told it to check again. Sometimes the payment takes longer to process in the bitcoin network than expected.


Please dont give out your info. Contact theSoylent team at


I suspect you don’t understand how bitcoin works as there’s really no reason for your concern. Public bitcoin addresses are completely safe to give out. That’s the whole point of them. They are already known to everyone who cares to know them. The worst thing someone could do with your public address is send you money. Well, I guess they would be able to link his discourse account to his bitcoin address, if that somehow matters to him.

Just don’t give out your private key, and make sure you understand the difference between the two.


Im sure you would be helpful. Regardless of the security of bitcoin, he placed an order with Soylent & they and the intermediary should be working to correct the problem.