Blank screens on Discourse

Just ran into a weird problem. I just did a fresh computer build / install, and for whatever reason I now only get a blank white page on anything Discourse related. I don’t think I’ve missed any plugins or anything (like Java etc.) and I migrated my previously perfectly functioning browser profile over. Nothing, not even in safe mode or a full reset. Palemoon 25.7.3. tracert seems to get thru, albeit with one or two timeouts along the way. (both for site + cdn) I did install IE11 (OMG I know!) and got in that way. Perhaps I need to sober up because I’m missing something obvious, but hey there’s lotsa fellow geeks here so maybe you’ll point out something I shoulda caught.


My best guess would be Javascript is disabled, although I would expect an error message instead of blank screens… it’s possible some specific resource site is blocked.

What browser are you (normally) using?

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It’s enabled and updated. Maybe a coffee will help.

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I see, I’ve never heard of that so it didn’t register as a browser.

And of course my company blocks the entire page so I can’t even look at it.

It works with IE11… maybe try different versions of Palemoon.

I’ve seen a similar problem when I browse Discourse from 2 different machines (both behind the same NAT), although it’s working fine for me ATM. Do you have your old system still up and running logged in to Discourse?

No, I’ve replaced the old system (upgraded some things). Same IP etc, same settings + plugins that worked perfectly on Saturday. Doesn’t work now, not with re-installing or safe mode etc. Weird.

I saw similar issues reported when browsing around the net, but it was mostly dev issues with their own discourse instances, not so much users. Never found a clear answer. :confused:

@Telos - Palemoon is a Firefox fork, essentially. I’ve never had issues with it in the year or two I’ve been using it. I much prefer it to all other browsers out there right now. YEMD

[EDIT] Created a new blank profile > started PM using it > close PM > switch back to original profile > Discourse now works. :confused: All good now, don’t ask me why the hell that worked.

Sounds like what you did basically turned your discourse off and on again. Fixing tech is all about finding the correct part to turn off and on again.