Blender Bottle GoStak question


I have a question for those who are familiar with the Blender Bottle GoStak containers. Which size container do you think would best hold 1/4 of a bag of Soylent 1.4? Here’s a link to them

I found one thread where a poster said that the 60cc was perfect for him, but unfortunately, he provided no qualifications for what that meant.

Also, if you’re familiar with some other container that would be the perfect size for 1/4 of a bag of Soylent, I’d be interested in hearing about it.



I weigh out 1/4 of a bag (115g) in a dry blender bottle in the mornings. I’ve not payed close attention to the volume of the dry powder, but I think 1/4 bag is 150cc-200cc. I’ll look closely tomorrow before I add water.


Thank you for the reply.

The issue is, all winter long, I’ve been mixing it at home, filling two 1-liter Nalgene bottles, throwing them into my panniers, and carrying them to work, where I drink 500ml at a sitting.

Obviously, it would be much lighter to just carry the powder and mix it at work. Also, as we move into the heat of summer, I really don’t want to carry it to work premixed in the heat. Yet, I don’t want to measure it out at work. I’d rather just have a container with it pre-measured and dump it into my 20-oz Bottle Blender.

The GoStak containers seem perfect for what I need, but I’d like to hear some actual experience with them. I can measure what size I should need, but how useful is the container sizes they give on their website? For example, the 32 oz Blender Bottle is, apparently, 32 oz at the brim, which is not a practical and useful 32 oz.


Blender bottles have volume measurements on the side. So like Thorium said, you can measure a quarter bag into an empty one without the ball in it and see what the volume is.


Why add another container? My girlfriend (she doesn’t want to carry the weight of mixed Soylent) carries the dry powder to work in the blender bottle, then adds water later.


A couple of reasons. I may drink 500 ml, or 1000ml, or 1500ml while at work depending on how the day goes. And, if I work late maybe all 2000ml. If I don’t use all the GoStaks on any particular day, I can leave them in my desk and just carry home the empties. Also, I was thinking of leaving the Blender Bottle at work. Presumably, the containers would take up less space in my panniers.

I thought about taking one of my pitchers to work and just mixing an entire bag at work. But, with the refrigerators we have here, I’d have to lay it on its side and sometimes they leak. Also, there’s the weekend to consider. I’d hate to leave a significant quantity in the fridge all weekend.

I could also measure the powder into the Nalgene bottles that I currently use and fill them with water at work, but I thought the GoStak containers might be neater and take less space. And, it would be nice to have some of that space back in my panniers.


I weighed one cup of dry 1.4 for another thread and it was 126 grams or about 548 calories. That means 1/4 pouch (115 g or 500 calories) would be about 216 cubic centimeters. Obviously the mass per volume of a powder is variable but this is a good starting point assuming I didn’t mess up.

I’m not sure about how much those GoStak containers cost because their website is down for me, but if they are similar in price to simply buying more blender bottles that may be another option to consider.


The scoop that Rosa Labs sells on the Soylent home page is 135ml. Is that considered to be 1/3 or 1/4 of a bag?


According to Preparing Soylent 1.4 With The Legacy Measuring Scoop, it looks like just under 1/6th of a bag.


Well, if that’s right, then 1/4 of bag is just over 200ml. I don’t think GoStak comes in that size.



I looked on Amazon and they make smaller Nalgene bottles for storage that may suit your purposes. Here’s one but there are a large variety available:


I appreciate you looking.

The issue I had with those particular bottles is I don’t think the mouth is wide enough to easily pour the powder into the bottle. Even my 1-liter Nalgene bottles are not quite wide enough for that. I’m hoping the GoStak are, which is one of the reason I was asking if anyone had actual experience with them.

I hope I’m not coming across as too inflexible. I don’t think that’s the case. I can always make the Nalgene bottles work. Or, I might make the 150cc GoStaks work; just have 5 meals a day instead of 4.


When I first started Soylent I was making individual servings in 16oz “Ball” style canning jars (they hold 500ml if filled to the very very top). If I remember correctly, a serving (1/4 bag) of Soylent took up a little over half (maybe as much as 2/3, but I don’t think so) of the jar (not packed down).


Yeah I didn’t mention using a funnel but that’s what I was imagining.

Smaller, more frequent meals is a solid workaround if that fits your schedule. I was going to suggest it but I didn’t know if it would be possible for you.

Using our earlier estimate it would be about 45% full, so half sounds right!


I use some 1 cup containers that I found at Kroger that work great. They just barely fit 115g of Soylent + 3g of psyllium husk powder. I fill up 10 of them on Sunday and take two with me every day to work where I use the Blender Bottle to mix them with cold water.


Confirmed. I just weighed 115 g in a blender bottle, and it reads right around 216 cc.


Today I decided to do a trial run and bring only the powder to work. I looked around the house for what I could use, anything really, to put the powder in. In the back of the cupboard I found the older version of these:

8 oz., Ball freezer jars

I used to make yogurt based snacks with them. I completely forgot I had them.

So, I measured 115 g. into one and it’s perfect. My only concern is that the lid doesn’t attach as securely as I’d like.

Problem solved. :slight_smile: