Blender bottles

Do they sell just the metal ring blendy thing? I have plenty of bottles that I use but thought it would be cool to have the blender part.

It can’t be that difficult to make right? It’s just a spool of metal…

Is that against the rules?

You can order 3 “replacement” balls here:

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I’d rather have a Soylent

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25oz thermos bottle with a drink spout and a blender ball inside…like my soylent cold…just found a bigger thermos bottle…45 oz…ordering that next maybe throw 2 blender balls in there see if they get tangled up.

love my 25oz setup but making 5-6 meals a day makes it more like a MEAL…i just wanna sip all day and not even think about it…making 3 meals in the bigger thermos is like half the work or something. enjoy all…but seriously…thermos bottle…get one!!!

@sharkerty You wouldn’t happen to know how big those blenderballs that you linked to are? I’m just wondering because I found an awesome bottle at that I want to use for drinking Soylent in, but I’m not sure if those blenderball things will fit in the opening.

I do not. I wanted to use one in my nalgene bottle. I’ll try and find one of these in a store and take measurements, unless someone here can do that for us?


Cleaning that must be a huge pain in the ass…
That’s the primary reason I use blender bottles. The large mouth makes washing it a breeze.

with my 25oz bottle…i just fill with water/soap…stick a brush in there…no worries…sometimes i fill it with boiling water and leave it over night to kill anything trying to live in there…the bigger one might be a bit more difficult to clean but worth it…i can mix 5-6 times at work…but i dont wanna have to if i have a choice…and if im on the go i definetly wants a bigger chilled portion ready to go

So you normally mix each day individually? Wow, that sounds super tedious. No wonder you just want one big bottle.

I mix and blend an entire days worth of soylent the night before and then pour it out into three blender bottles. I stick them in the fridge and the next day I carry two to work and leave the other at home for dinner. Rinse and repeat.

I think it’s awesome that even with something so basic, there are dozens of different ways people prepare it.

no…i make soylent 4 days at a time ( because i have 4 storage containers that are the perfect size)…i work 12 hour shifts so i drink almost all my soylent at work…for my tastes for soylent/water ratio i drink 6 - 25oz bottles per day…

if im not getting up for a special meal…or a yummy snack…or something with instant gratificationn…its one thing…but (i know its silly) getting up 6 times to mix and try not to make a mess where the reward is the same mild tasting thing ive been drinking for weeks…id rather just have a big jug and drink and not think about it…i know…super lazy…but its how im wired.

What size is the ball? Can you measure for us please?

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Here’s another option, on amazon with Prime Shipping, and in the reviews someone says it fits into a Nalgene wide mouth bottle.

We can go cheaper on a set of three.

I ordered this set, they come from China. They are slightly smaller then an OEM blender bottle ball. They come flattened in an envelope but once out and about they will spring back up. Being they are slightly smaller they may fit better in something like a Nalgene, can’t say for sure but they are cheap as chips and slightly smaller. I can’t promise they won’t give your dog cancer though.

I bought two of the 20oz Blender Bottles when I started with Soylent. I’ve found after a while that I don’t really need the blender ball.

I think the ball would be good if you were mixing from scratch (i.e. dry powder and water), but once a full day’s worth is in the pitcher I just use the blender bottles for drinking or taking to work, without the ball, and shaking it up works just fine.

I’ve found that my DIY needs a blender of some time. Shaking it will not cut it. I’ve order a couple balls and will see if they work. Otherwise, no camping with soylent.

I should have mentioned that I use an immersion blender to mix it up. So, by the time I’m pouring it into the blender bottles it’s mixed very well.

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Does anyone know if it is ok to use a blender ball in the Hydro Flask? A quick google search didn’t help me so I thought I’d try here.

I can’t see how a blender ball could damage a stainless steel container.

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That’s what I was thinking too but wondered if anyone smarter than I am had any thoughts on the matter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cyclone Cups are way better - just wish they had a larger size. They should come out with one soon, though.

I was looking at them earlier and they seem pretty cool and cheap too, but a lot of people said that they break quickly or don’t really mix up a lot of powder effectively/better than a blender bottle.

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