Blender required?


Hi community,

just a simple question: Has anyone experience with using a simple shaker bottle and shaking it instead of using a blender?

edit: Just received my first DIY soylent and had no problem using a shaker bottle to mix it. No blender required.


Read the Ars Technica review.


another blender related question.

how big does the recipient have to be at least? 1 litre? 1,5 litre?


Yes. You need a blender, in my opinion. I have tried to bring the powder to my work, and add the other ingredients before consumption. Texture, chunkyness and as a result the nutrient value are nowhere as good as when an immersion blender is used.

Sizewise, I need a 1liter bottle and 1,5liter pitcher for one “meal” of soylent.


Paul, thank you very much for the clear reply.

If there are other germans without a blender out there: I will see how this cheap Siemens immersion blender will work and report back as soon as I get my Soylent.

EDIT: The blender works fine but really is not needed (see JulioMiles below).


Related Question: If you blend your soylent ahead of time, do you need to reblend in a blender? I was hoping to blend it at home and take it to work with me. Can I just shake it up before drinking?


I only have DIY Soylent, but a lot of the experiences transfer.

I need a 1.5 Liter bottle to store my daily meal in. But I’m only eating ~2000 calories per day, so YMMV.

I blend it in the evening, and my blend is thick enough that everything stays where it is: I can just shake it a bit in my thermosflask; it doesn’t separate or anything.


I never use a blender, it’s really not necessary. Just an airtight pitcher that I fill with Soylent+water and shake for about 30 seconds. Works great.


I use an immersion blender, then pour the mix into Blender Bottles and into the fridge for overnight chilling, shake a bit before drinking and it seems to work quite well.


Wait hold on a second. Is the german word for “blender” STABMIXER??? That’s… that’s awesome.

And when you think about it, that is exactly what a blender is, a device that mixes things by repeatedly stabbing them.


Yeah, right. The word “Stab” comes from Old High German, meaning “supporting something”. A “Stab” is a Baton in German. Another meaning for “Stab” is military staff.

Pole Vault = “Stabhochsprung”