Blendtec users - What setting/program are you using? Will it Blend?


Are there any Blendtec users who have found the perfect program on the blendtec blender? With only one bag, I don’t want to over froth the mixture.

A friend in the forum was kind enough to send me a bag of Official Soylent while I patiently wait for my own order and Justin Fuel to arrive.


Over frothing might be good…Think Soylent-achino


I normally use the soup/batter setting or the smoothy setting when adding ice.


I have not found a way to have no froth, but I seem to have minimized froth with the pulse setting. I still prefer shaking it, so would be interested to see if someone has had better results.

I normally use the Blendtec if I am adding cinnamon, cocoa powder or almond essence.


Smoothie setting over here but I’m running my own DIY. Frothing might be less an issue if you do what I do which is blend it the night before and then pour into portioned bottles and into the fridge for an over night cool down. By the AM when I grab breakfast the shake is smooth with no froth. Again DIY but I suspect blending the night before would aid you as well. I thought I recalled something about not blending the official stuff WITH the oil in it but maybe I’m recalling that incorrectly?


For the first bag I used the following:

Profile: Coffee 3-P-1

Button 3: Light Juice, Small Milkshake. 12 seconds 1 cycle.

I’ve got it chilling. I’ll have the first taste in the morning.

I didn’t add oil yet, I need to look up how much to add to 1 bag.


You add one bottle (about 3 ounces) to one bag.


I tried the Soylent this morning for breakfast. I think when I receive future orders, I’ll blend it a bit more.

Maybe start with a lower amount of water first and then add water and pulse once well mixed.

Or I can power into 3 blender bottles for storage over night and then do a quick pulse or shake before mixing.

My blendtec jar does not seal well if the contents get above the fill line.


I also use the batter setting and it works well for me… no over frothing at all. I pour the Soylent into my starter kit pitcher then I use the sink’s spray tool to clean the jar and add that to the pitcher. Then I fill the pitcher to the top with water, seal, and shake gently back and forth a few times. Tada. Perfect Soylent every time.


I make one meal at a time. 150g of soylent in the blender, 150g of ice, 350g of water (probably a bit less than the recommended amount of water). Then I blend on the smoothie setting, and stop it a few seconds after the first speed increase.