Blindfold Challenge Voting


Our first official community challenge submission period has come to an end. We would like to thank everyone who participated - there have been some fantastic submissions. Now onto the voting!

Winners will be based on the videos liked in this thread. So if you like a video click the heart! Top three submissions will get an extra special prize.

Formatting the Discourse poll with the video submissions proved too difficult and cumbersome. For the time being we are going to tally the likes each submission post gets. Please go through the thread and watch each one. They are all great submissions (I’ve watched them multiple times).



This was a fun challenge! Best of luck to everyone who submitted. :smiley:


I’d like to encourage everyone on the discourse forum who has a few minutes to go and watch all the videos in the challenge thread and click Like on the ones you think deserve winning position! There are only what, a dozen or so entries? It won’t take that long. Some of them are really creative.


How long is the voting period?


Paste in just the YouTube link on a single line by itself. (You should be able to go back and edit your original post.) The forum software will embed it if you do so. It appears you made it a clickable text link.


Oh no, I’m the last post in that thread! That’s the price I pay for procrastinating :frowning:


Were the votes counted already? Is this thing still happening? :smiley: I feel like someone dropped the ball…


Yes they are still happening. I am counting them the end of the month. This is our first community challenge so we are going to take what we learn and greatly improve the next.


When should we expect results? Thanks Conor!


We are working on the announcement video :smiley: