Bloating caused by starch

I have been dealing with severe bloating in my small intestine for about a year. I don’t have any other symptoms other than bloating and occasional white mucus in my stool. I can eat fats and protein no problem but it seems like type of vegetable or grain causes me lots of bloating. I tried the original soylent but it gave me lots of bloating. The cacao one is a little better but it still causes me some bloating. Anyone else have similar symptoms? I have been to a doctor but they told me my problem is functional as they couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

My other half has a problem with original flavor RTD (bottled) Soylent. For some mysterious reason she just can’t handle it and within minutes starts to have painful bloating. Cacao, Coffiest, and cafe vanilla have not given her any troubles, nor has powder 1.3. We haven’t been able to explain it and have tried a number of times to see if she could handle original flavor, but it always ends the same way. Total mystery.

Sounds like you have SIBO. I’ve had that too - it’s treatable, though not well known. I’d recommend reading a bit more about it online, and feel free to post more here if it seems to match your symptoms.

It sure sounds like I could have this. How do I treat it?

I’m not a doctor, but changing your diet to starve out the bacteria in your small intestines (either the Specific Carbohydrate Diet or a very-low-carb, ketogenic diet) and taking certain probiotics to populate your large intestines can help. And possibly digestive enzymes as well.

You should probably read more about it on your own, but if you want more specific suggestions let me know.

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@vanclute you’ve brought this up several times. The two ingredient lists are very close, so it can only be one or two substances that’s causing the problem, correct?

I would assume so. That’s what has made this so odd… Cacao, Coffiest, and Cafe Vanilla are all fine for her, but not Original. And digestive enzymes don’t seem to make much difference.