Block user option


@codinghorror has been vocally against this feature, maybe having to deal with the mess of flags and conflicting personality types will finally push him over the edge and implement such a feature.


This forum now needs a block feature more than ever.


I’ve wished for this feature several time in the last few weeks. I’m not sure what would make me happier at this point, Rosa Labs shipping to everyone so these folks will shut up, or Rosa labs shipping to everyone but them. I would love it it if as a result, they were the last to receive their orders. Unfortunately, this is probably bad business practice.

I could see a block feature that left the person’s post in the thread but hid the comment and allowed me to open it up if I wanted more context.


Yeah that’s what I was thinking too as I pondered it. I’ve seen a few blog comment sections that had that feature, or where the users can downvote comments and if they fall below a certain level then they are hidden and you have to manually view them if you want to see them.

+1 for the whole notion, sounds quite useful.


That’s pretty much what flagging is supposed to accomplish, I don’t disagree that it might be nice to have an option for viewing the contents of posts that have been flagged sufficiently to hide the content, but it’s the best we have.

You can read more here:

Please, if you think a post violates our community guidelines, don’t hesitate to flag it.


Blocking is an important feature for people from marginalized groups. It makes social media bearable. It is also useful for people from majority demographics, who just aren’t going to see eye to eye.

I might go look at Discourse Meta to discuss it, unless @codinghorror is willing to chat about it here?


Blocking doesn’t get to the root problem, it’s treating the symptom rather than the disease.

However, there is a subtlety here. A lot of the people that are pissed off are customers who paid for a product. And they’re understandably upset that they don’t have their product yet. I think these paying customers have a right to vent and complain, as long as it is civil, and doesn’t become endless axe-grinding.

Also, if a post is offensive to you, it is probably offensive to others as well. It behooves us to act in a way that helps everyone, not just ourselves – as @JulioMiles said, if you see a post that violates the community guidelines, please flag it.


This is exactly why I want it. This post has nothing to do with shipping, or even with Soylent, yet it got hijacked into another complaint.

I’m not asking for the ability to remove someone from the forum. I just want to avoid literally 80 or 90 messages in a thread from a very few people.

I don’t flag messages because whining doesn’t violate the ToS, but it’s like having a neighbor who has a noisy dog that keeps setting off his car alarm. It makes it unpleasant to be around.

Whatever. Don’t care anymore. I’ll just get my news from the emails.


I have heard that evolution refereed to as “survival of the strongest”, but it is actually “survival of the fittest”. So if people are more likely to survive to procreate by drinking beer, belching, and smoking non-stop, then in each successive generation there will be more beer-drinking and belching smokers (I don’t know why, but I clearly have some of my crazier redneck acquaintances in mind [1]). On that note, I feel obliged to link to the Darwin Awards.

So strength may or may not be a criteria (e.g. mosquitoes certainly aren’t particularly strong, but as a species they have definitely adapted to survive, despite being weak and annoying).


In this case, perhaps mute the topic via the notification control at the bottom of the topic?


You started this thread WITH a complaint and how has it been hijacked into a shipping or Soylent discussion?


Does this forum allow account deletions?


Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be in reply to anybody specific, and no offense intended.

Coming from a typical board, my usage of an ignore feature usually involves more people whining about others whining. Just for example (since it’s already been brought up), those who are angry about shipping delays/communications/priorities/etc. bother me less than those complaining about users who complain about shipping delays/communications/priorities/etc.

I’d rather people vented or complained about the topic at hand (Soylent at this board), rather than people complaining about other users.

Just my .02, and again, no offense intended.

Well, maybe a little offense as a thread like this usually offends me enough to ignore the OP.


Yes, accounts can be deleted. They can be also self deleted if you have 1 post or less.


Adding my vote to implement an “ignore user” feature.


I suggest giving these a read:

TL;DR if the user is a persistent problem they should probably be removed from the community first and foremost.

Forum anti-patterns to avoid and watch it for

:slight_smile: In some cases, a user can simply be “annoying”, which probably doesn’t give grounds to a ban :smiling_imp:


That depends how many people they are annoying, and how often. (also whether they can learn to be less so given constructive feedback…)


I just like the term “bozo bucket.” It’s one that I hope to integrate into my daily life. Learning such useful nomenclature has long been one of the appeals of this forum, which I find operates on a much higher level than most. Indeed, it’s the only one I have ever participated in, because it has relatively little of the puerile behavior that typically dominates discussion boards and comment sections (especially of news sources).


Those links were nice enough - you’re preaching to the choir there. :] Still doesn’t address everything - but it doesn’t matter, as I already scripted my own solution.

User = blocked. :sunglasses: