Block user option


I suggest giving these a read:

TL;DR if the user is a persistent problem they should probably be removed from the community first and foremost.

Forum anti-patterns to avoid and watch it for

:slight_smile: In some cases, a user can simply be “annoying”, which probably doesn’t give grounds to a ban :smiling_imp:


That depends how many people they are annoying, and how often. (also whether they can learn to be less so given constructive feedback…)


I just like the term “bozo bucket.” It’s one that I hope to integrate into my daily life. Learning such useful nomenclature has long been one of the appeals of this forum, which I find operates on a much higher level than most. Indeed, it’s the only one I have ever participated in, because it has relatively little of the puerile behavior that typically dominates discussion boards and comment sections (especially of news sources).


Those links were nice enough - you’re preaching to the choir there. :] Still doesn’t address everything - but it doesn’t matter, as I already scripted my own solution.

User = blocked. :sunglasses: