Blog vs Twitter Shipping


Is there a reason the blogs most recent post says they are shipping 2 month orders but the twitter says 1 month orders? Does this mean they have started the 1 month and are still finishing up 2 month orders? or did they just forget to update the blog?

@JulioMiles maybe you have the answer to this?

The big reason I ask is because on 5/16 they said there would be updates posted when they hit the major pledge marks. But they never said where these updates would be posted. Should we rely on the blog or the twitter for these updates?


the blog update is older than the twitter update, as such I would argue that the twitter page may provide smaller, but more accurate updates.


If you ordered 2 months of soylent before the cut date, and havnt got shipping details or product yet… Then your suppose to mail then at I believe the mail was


I didn’t order 2 months, I’m a 2 weeker, I want to try it before I commit to more then that. The reason I want to know is because the last couple of batches have all taken about 1 week for them to do, so if they keep up the pattern then the 2 week orders should start shipping some time next week.


Well, thats harder to tell, as it comes down to how many ordered the 1 month option… Also how many are reordering


they’ve been pretty spot on about it. I mean I know they haven’t promised this or anything, but the data supports this line of reasoning.


Pretty frustrated that they only posted that update to Twitter. Was hoping they’d update the blog yesterday but doesn’t appear they have.

I feel really bad for the customers that only subscribe to the mailing list. Those folks have no idea what is going on.

@JulioMiles, maybe consider sharing the love for those that don’t have/can’t access twitter.