Blogging my results


Hi Everyone,

I received my regular Soylent this past Saturday. I’ll be blogging about my experience here:

I’ve got a couple of unboxing videos, and will be adding more later on. I’ll also be posting vitals, and observations along the way.


How much did you order?


4 months, per the first video on the site.


Like the blog. Plus, I think it’s the first Google Glass video of Soylent!


Yup. 4 Months. Two for me and two for my wife. And we’re reordered.

Thanks @BriBy!


How is it possible to even order more than one 28-day supply on the site at a time without paying the $300 price? Did you place 4 different orders separately at $255 each, or how did you do it?


I was one of the original backers that were able to add-on months to the orders made through backer-kit last year.


Beautiful looking site Trent. You’re really jumping into this thing head first, it’s fun to see.


Very nice, will be watching


Thank you @Zenman and @Neebs57!

Also, new video and post just added.


Hey Trent, I see you’re adding caffeine to the mix. For whatever it’s worth, I stopped taking all supplements (including caffeine) overnight when Soylent arrived, and I have never felt better or had more consistent energy. You might want to try going without, to see how you do. My concern with the added caffeine would be that it introduces a spike/crash cycle which you might otherwise completely avoid. Just a thought =)


I thought about that, but I was worried; as the last time I gave up caffeine cold turkey I was miserable for days with headaches. I didn’t want to repeat that, so I figured weaning off would probably be better.

Though, I haven’t had my usual afternoon slump the past two days, so it may not be as big a deal coming off of it. I’ll give it a couple more days, and maybe just cut it out after that. If there’s a headache, I could always add a little back in for a while.


I saw you have a cat. I would bet Soylenters are overwhelmingly cat owners rather than dog.

Is there a specific reason you’re taking so much creatine mono with it?


Yeah I was really shocked that I stopped my whole energy routine completely, and had not even a trace of ill effect from it. I actually figured I’d probably keep it going because I’d need to, but the very first morning I woke up post-Soylent… I just felt tremendously awake and energetic, so I simply didn’t bother with the supplements. And it’s stayed that way ever since.

I did try about ~60mg of caffeine (which isn’t a lot I realize) a few days ago, and frankly I couldn’t even really tell since I felt so good already. The energy benefit of Soylent was something I didn’t expect at all but have been really thrilled about.

@halo3 - cat household here, though some day we’ll probably have one or more dogs too, it just hasn’t happened yet. So far I’ve seen only one post from a Soylenter that mentioned a dog. You may be right about it being a more feline-oriented crowd, though if so, I couldn’t tell ya why.


We have a cat, a dog, and a rabbit. We each like all the animals, but really the cat’s mine, the dog’s Lindsay’s, and the rabbit is Morgan’s.

As for the Creatine, I’d have to re-find the research. But, from what I remember 10g of Creatine is pretty much enough to ensure maximum levels in the body for someone my size. And it’s supposed to help with muscle growth and cognitive ability. With our morning breakfasts being switched to workouts, it should help.


[quote=“Trent, post:12, topic:13412”]
I thought about that, but I was worried; as the last time I gave up caffeine cold turkey I was miserable for days with headaches. I didn’t want to repeat that, so I figured weaning off would probably be better.[/quote]

That is a symptom of caffeine withdrawal. I go through this every few months. In fact I just did this last week and started People Chow soon after. To be as impartial as possible, I would highly recommend going cold turkey off caffeine (and alcohol, if applicable) for a minimum of four days then switching to Soylent to have as impartial and unbiased of an experience as possible.

I purposefully go through cold turkey withdrawals because caffeine loses its effectiveness for me after 4-5 months of daily use. I get daily headaches and other withdrawal symptoms, but drawn out over… forever. If I just cut the cord I get it over with, then I can use caffeine whenever I want with normal, unaddicted effects. In other words, I start the cycle over again.


Cat lover here. I am male, and not a crazy cat man. But I love having a low maintenance animal that does not need to be walked/let out constantly.

This is also why the “number 1 buzz cut” is my haircut of choice.

This is also why I like “mix and shake” Soylent as my food of choice.

There are far too many other things I would rather be doing than dealing with boring crap like “dogs” or “combing my hair” or “cooking that does not involve lighting a grill while intoxicated.”


So, I feel like we’re threadjacking this from @Trent, but I have a dog and have always had dogs. I’m terribly allergic to cats and while I think kittens are adorable I’ve never seen the point of having a grown cat.

Someone should really make a survey (e.g. “dogs”, “cats”, “both”, “other”, “no pets”) and start a new thread for it. I was actually wondering this myself yesterday as a majority of the people I work with seem to have cats.

Soylent user vs. pet ownership survey