Blood Donation: any new info with Soylent 2.0?

I’ve been interested in donating blood for a while now and am finally getting around to actually making an appointment. Since what you eat before and after donating obviously has an impact… would Soylent be ideal?

There isn’t much information on the forums to begin with, and all of it is in regards to the original powered formula. So any knowledge, ideas, or opinions out there concerning blood donation and 2.0?


I donate blood pretty frequently and haven’t noticed any difference when donating after eating solid conventional food vs donating after eating Soylent (either 1.x or 2.0). As long as I’m full and well hydrated at the time it’s a pretty uneventful process, though everyone is different. I don’t know whether it’s more or less ideal than other foods, but I always try to supplement some extra calories and iron-rich food afterwards (though I’m not sure this is necessary).

Thanks @LeerSpace, that’s good to know!

Water is definitely a good idea and I’ve read quite a bit about how important it is to replenish your iron levels afterward, so you’re also correct of that count.

I donated blood for the first time last month. I had Soylent for supper the night before, Soylent for breakfast, and samosas for second breakfast right before my appointment. I had plenty of fluids(water, tea, almond milk), making sure to drink a bit more than usual starting the day before my appointment. After they were done taking blood, I felt no different from before I had walked into the clinic. It was like nothing had changed. But I still sat there for a while eating a bunch of free cookies and drank a couple of juice boxes. Took a few packs of cookies and a couple more juice boxes with me which I had throughout the rest of the day. Had Soylent for lunch and supper, and then I had steak because I ate supper too early. Had mostly Soylent and iron-rich foods for a couple weeks after before returning to my usual eats. During those couple weeks I felt cold all the time; not sure whether that was because of blood loss or because it was starting to get colder outside, but it’s much colder out now than it was then and my cold tolerance is back to normal so who knows.

But yeah, I don’t think it really matters too much what you eat, as long as you do eat plenty and make sure you’re well-hydrated. The day of the appointment, blood sugar is important so feel free to indulge in sugary snacks like I did. After that, just try to eat healthy :wink: It’s often recommended to get a lot of iron-rich foods in afterwards, but not everyone needs it. I was too lazy to get blood tests done to find out, so I did it anyway. Iron-rich food is mostly awesome stuff, anyway.


So much good information, thanks @Prairiepanda! I’m feeling more confident, comfortable, and excited now =]

I’ll definitely plan on extra hydration, good food, and some sugary stuff beforehand and iron-rich food after.

Your guys’ input is much appreciated!

I’ve been donating blood regularly for years. They test for blood iron level from a fingertip before the donation. That can be influenced by your diet, but as long as you get enough iron from your food, be it steak or spinach or Soylent, it shouldn’t matter. Objectively you won’t feel anything different during or right after donating, but some people have to overcome psychological barriers. The nurses are usually pros at helping with that.

Got it, thanks @Fawlty! I’m probably not getting enough iron from the “normal” foods I eat, so I probably would be better off with Soylent.

I’ll try to prepare myself psychologically though… I hadn’t thought of that before…