Blood Sugar Spike After Soylent


I just had a 16 oz serving of Soylent and checked glucose levels after one hour (typically I’ll check after two but I checked after one this time). The reading (154) was so high that I checked again (176) and then again (174).

I monitored my blood sugar levels for a month prior to starting on Soylent and never crested 130 even on my sloppiest days. My two hour check (100) was back within a normal range, but this has me seriously concerned.

Has anyone else noticed anything similar? Can anyone with experience in this area offer advice?

Is soylent effective for type 2 diabetes?

Congratulations! You do not have diabetes. One set of tests will not tell us much, however, these kind of results over many meals might be concerning. I would be curious to know what happens after you eat a large portion of pasta.

I am diabetic and am on a low carb DIY. I hope to test the real version eventually to compare.


That’s indeed very high. Could you check if this happens again the next time you drink Soylent? Rosa Labs claims that the glycemic index of Soylent is very low, which (as you probably know) would usually not result in such a blood sugar spike. I’d like other Soylent drinkers to measure their blood sugar spikes as well, maybe some are already doing this?


I’ve been testing after most meals, but only at the two hour mark on Soylent. You can bet Ill be testing at both intervals for awhile now.


it is natural for a blood sugar spike after any meal with carbs. Higher carb meals will cause higher spikes. It’s also natural for your body to process those carbs and return your levels to normal. In folks without Diabetes, this typically happens within a couple of hours.


But 176 mg/dl is extremely high, even right after a meal with many carbs. It should definitely not happen on a regular basis.


Yeah, one hour after the meal is probably way more interesting than two hours. I look forward to any results. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, your blog is great, keep it up. :blush:


Agreed. We also need to need to know how much is being drunk at that sitting? Is it just 1 serving?


That obviously depends on the Soylent to water ratio, but 16 oz is most likely 1 serving, if not less.


The amount amount is not as important as the amount of powder as that is where the carbs are. Ideally, a single serving of soylent would be consumed and tested.


The Soylent, it’s killed you!

But seriously, how many people are measuring this? Where is Rosa Labs’ much touted study showing a “rather low” GI?


@CarltonLemley are you using the vegan version? If so, are you using any kind of substitute oil? Even low GI carbs (in sufficient amounts) can spike your glucose if you don’t eat enough fat with them.


They never said it was low, they said it was low compared to other maltodextrins. But I can’t find the source at the moment…


Yeah I saw where they talked about the maltodextrin’s lower number… But there’s also been talk repeatedly of some ongoing study, measuring the overall GI of Soylent itself. But maybe they’ll release that only after selling as much as possible :slight_smile:


For those interested: I’m using the non-vegan blend. I make my Soylent with 48oz of water, one bag of Soylent, one bottle of oil. I’ve also started adding one gram of salt (still experimenting with this number so it may change) to help with cramping and water retention.


They said both - it was from the Macro overview:

Our chosen maltodextrin is derived from corn and has a DE of 10.
Preliminary tests by beta testers and founders abiding by WHO glycemic index testing guidelines have found the GI to be rather low. More formal testing is planned for early 2014.


I have a few questions about your testing.

  1. Did you get a baseline 8 hour fasting level?
  2. Have you ever had a glucose tolerance test?
  3. Have you calibrated your meter?
  4. As someone else asked, how much did you drink? Did you add anything else for flavoring?
    A reading of 176 2 hours after eating may be of concern. A reading above 200 at any time is of definite concern. However without a complete medical evaluation you are making random assumptions.
    Good Luck


Making random assumptions? That stings a bit as I’ve done my very best NOT to make assumptions. I also haven’t made any broad statements aside from the fact that my blood sugar reading was abnormally high one hour after one meal.

As for your other questions:

  1. I’ve been testing my blood sugar for over a month to get a good baseline. Yesterday’s fasting level (first thing in the morning) reading was 78.

  2. I’ve not had a tolerance test done, though I may look into it if the high readings continue. It’s worth noting again however that I haven’t seen this kind of reading with any other food source. That my body may break Soylent down differently than other food isn’t terribly surprising to me. It’s also not necessarily universal or even negative. I’m going to keep my eye in it and go from there.

  3. Calibration is a concern I share. I’m going to pick up some control solution today, and that may end up accounting for the odd reading.

  4. As stated, it was 16 oz of Soylent prepared at a ratio of 1 bag of Soylent to 1 bottle of oil, to 48 ounces of water.

I’m about to do lunch which will be my first chance to do a pre, one hour, and two hour test. I’ll share my readings along with the results of my calibration test later today.


No disrespect intended. Every day I see people who have used knowledge they gleaned from the internet to make poor medical decisions. Being fully aware of your health history as well as current status is important for healthy living. That said my point is that if you have concerns about results not associated with a thorough examination you are making at best guesses as to cause. I am encouraging a professional medical exam.


I understand. A thorough exam is certainly in the cards for me if I continue to see this kind of spike. As it stands, I’m inclined to make 100% sure I haven’t sullied the results somehow first, since I know the first thing my doctor will say after I tell him the issue only started after Soylent will be to not drink Soylent anymore.

I don’t want that, though I expect people with smaller orders would love for me to end up with an extra couple of months that I don’t need.