Blood Test Suggestions

I’m considering going on Soylent 2.0 or something similar (namely Schmilk or Athlete Fuel) for 75% - 90% of my meals. Since a number of people seem to complete blood tests before and after they start I figured I would join the fun. After looking through a number of lab testing companies I’ve finally settled on the following

Does this cover everything I should get tested or am I missing anything important?


I’m not an expert, as I’ve gone to the doctor just once in the last 30 years. But when I did go last year, comprehensive blood work was part of my annual check-up. You might want to check with your normal doctor, instead of paying for a test from a lab.

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Originally thought that might be a good idea as well. However, I tried that when I went to my last physical a couple years back. Once my health insurance covered what they would I was still left with a $300 bill for a blood test that didn’t cover anything nearly as expansive as this one.

What a fascinatin’ site! Just clicking around their menu, I agree you’ve picked the test that has the most nutrition-related results. (But I am no kind of health professional!)

For a general health baseline I would go for either the Men’s 75 test package or the Women’s 75 test package, whichever is applicable, for some important numbers the “Health Essentials” lacks, but those don’t have B3 and Omega counts. But any of them would give a good baseline to judge a diet change.