Blood testing link and discount?


Can someone post the link that the Soylet team is using for blood testing, including the discount?

What lab tests before starting Soylent?

Use the search? 20 word limit.


Oh thanks for the help ruipacheco :stuck_out_tongue: . Don’t you think I tried that? They sugested a lab called I think and gave a discount too which I can’t find.


It’s on page two of the blog:


Blog post 8-01


Thanks, starting my first 30 soylent next week and want a baseline.


So I’m looking to potentially do a blood test before I start my Soylent. From this thread it looks like the Soylent Team recommended the following (can you confirm if this is still the case @JulioMiles and @rob ):

I’m not sure which test I would need to get though that would cover everything of interest with regards to Soylent:

They offer this ‘Comprehensive Health Profile’ but I’m not sure that will cover it:

Sadly it seems that the discount code ‘SoylentSave5’ doesn’t work any more :frowning:


The tests that Rob got are a CBC (Complete Blood Count), a metabolic panel, and a lipid panel (cholesterol/triglycerides, etc). He posted his blood test in this blog post, for example:

Here’s a direct link to his test results:

Blood Testing During Soylent Use