Blood tests in the UK


Has anyone had any success and/or experience getting blood tests done in UK?

I have not spoken to my GP yet but I imagine the NHS would be reluctant to fund non-preventative/diagnostic tests, and any private ones I’ve seen are hideously expensive (£100-£200, generally) and typically don’t cover a lot of ground, so I’d need to get lots of hideously expensive tests.


Provision for this kind of thing in the UK is poor. Let me know if you find anything.

(You should be able to get some basic tests done at your GP on an annual basis though.)


Ask your gp for a blood test they should give you one. Just say u want to make sure everything is ok. As long as u don’t try to get one every month or something.
I went a few months back and did the same also asked for a diabetes test since it runs in the family. Simples.