Blood tests you wish you had done first


Soylent order just arrived and I want to go get some blood tests before I start to get my ‘pre’ values. I don’t know what all will come with the standard panel, but are there any specific tests you wish you had done that didn’t come?
Or any that you plan on when its your turn?



Complete metabolic panel, lipid panel, CBC this is what I did


Thanks, I go to the doctor tomorrow to ask for the referral. I’ll be sure to ask for those. I’m new to getting blood tests, will those tests cover:
vitamin and mineral levels?
size of LDL particles?
Testosterone and HGH levels?
Leptin and Insulin sensitivity?


Most these cover electrolytes cholesterol triglycerides red and white blood cells liver function renal function. If your looking at vitamin levels probably the one I would pick is vitamin d 125. That is the active form if vitamin d. Unless you have reason to believe you have an underlying issue I say skip the other tests.


I recommend Comprehensive Wellness Profile from directlabs which costs normally $97. But use the coupon code “discount10” to get $10 off. These tests done in this lab/blood were very similar to what I get during my yearly physical.

I didn’t have to get a referral though to get the labs. You just buy it. Print out a form and find the nearest LabCorp around you.


Thanks, I’ll make sure to mention the vitamin d 125. I don’t believe I have any underlying issues, but if I stick with a 90%+ diet change and start back into some heavy exercise it will be a pretty major lifestyle change. If I can keep going for 6 months I would like to be able to have as comprehensive ‘pre’ / ‘post’ measurements as possible. I am also doing DEXA scans for %BF.
I think expectations and placebo effect can make observations somewhat unreliable on the positive side, the more numbers I can get from third parties the better I like it.

Thanks for the directlabs link dj_goku, if the doctor won’t order the bloodwork for me I will try them. Right now I’m hoping I can get at least some of this covered as a yearly wellness exam.


I am still not “behaving” so I guess I have time. I might actually call up my PCP and schedule some bloodwork, explain what I am doing, then tell my wife to bugger off when she tries to tempt me with beer and cheeseburgers.

But it is going to be rough, with football season starting in a few weeks and Sundays requiring beer (I am a Browns fan, need something to numb the pain).


Well as someone joking said in the thread on how to get cheap blood tests “move to canada”, so I did just this. Imagine my disappointment to learn that the general GP cannot order bloodwork for vitamins or minerals except B12, Ca, and Mg. Not even Vit D. Apparently you have to be referred to specialists to get anything else.

Also, the labs that do the tests can’t just sell you the tests you want if you pay for them yourself. You still need a doctors request and the cost is much higher than the states I think. This only because they told me it was 65$ for a vitamin D test, each vitamin or mineral would be a separate charge. The directlabs mentioned above seems to do quite a bit more for just 87$.

So looks like I need to leave the land of free health care and drive back down to good old capitalistic US if I just want a nice broad preventive type screening.
I’m sure if I break my leg Canada will do fine, but any long term problems on Soylent with deficiencies will be a nightmare… End Rant