Bob Witmer Lancaster, PA

So I was hoping @Soylent could shed some light on an issue.

I have 2 packages that was delivered today and per FedEx is was sent by a Bob Witmer Lancaster, PA.

The tracking numbers from Soylent are the same on this package.

Now I ordered a month of Soylent, and it (and the tracking email) says it is 2 boxes that was shipped.

I won’t be able to check the boxes until tonight, but I figured I’d see if anyone else had this happen?

Yes, my last shipment was from PA and my one month supply was shipped in two boxes with two tracking numbers.

I don’t know who Bob is but the team have indicated that they’ve set up a distribution warehouse in PA to facilitate east coast deliveries

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I’m in Alaska… hahaha

As of today I, too, have a Soylent shipment on the way from the mysterious Mr. Witmer.

One does wonder if “the distribution warehouse in PA” is Mr. Witmer’s house.

Google says that there is a Bob Witmer who is an insurance agent in Quakertown, PA. (About 70 miles from Lancaster, where the shipment is coming from.)

Makes no difference to me, as long as it’s being stored and handled properly. The problems they had with mold getting in the bags at an early location where conditions were sub-par lingers in the memory, even though that was preproduction and has long since been addressed.

Bob Witmer represents an e-fulfillment company. They function as little satellite warehouses that ship out product closer to the receiver than the main warehouse is. It can be a little weird, but Bob Witmer also function similarly for

It tends to result in shorter shipment times. For example, my current order is coming from Bob Witmer in Middletown, PA, and was shipped out today and is expected to arrive tomorrow here at my door in Virginia Beach, VA.

I’d be sure to pay attention to shelf-life on a perishable product in case it’s been at the warehouse for a bit.

From what I’ve heard of this particular fulfillment group, they are very poor in any form of communication or responce, but to be fair, you should never need to talk to them or vice versa. If there is an issue, contact the main company (Soylent in this case) instead, if there is an issue.