Bob's red mill oat flour


Does anyone know if Bob’s red mill oat flour is basically the same or similar to what’s used in Soylent v1.0?

Also, anyone know when the final list of ingredients will be posted? I’m thinking any day now…


Hi - @Zenman - Did you end up using Bob’s red mill wholegrain oat flour in your DIY?

Is anyone else using it in their DIY?

I am thinking of phasing out my use of oat bran, and switching to oat flour.

I was just typing up the nutrients for it, and could not find the appropriate values for calcium and iron (other than 2% and 6%, which is meaningless without know what those %'s refer to).

So i tried the search and it came up with a profile that is clearly not correct (100g servings it states yeild 59.2 g of carbs, whereas Rob’s website states it’s 65 (40g flour serving gives 26 g, so pro rata that’s 65 grams for 100g of flour) this is yet another warning for people using the diy search for ingredients instead of typing them in yourself - there are some very incorrect figures in there. also theres a whole lot of other values filled in that may or may not be correct ( copper,potassium for example, which the rob’s website does not even mention)

anyway, if you are using Rob’s Red mill Wholegrain oat flour, and have somehow gotten a nutrient profile for it (off the label maybe?) can you share it with me, and tell me how you got the numbers?



bump for @QuidNYC - I notice you are using it in your superfood-w-oat-flour-2 recipe - and seem to have just typed in off the rob’s website, leaving off the calcium and iron. That would mean you are ignoring 6 x (250/40) = 37.5% RDI of iron, in a recipe that’s already 307% of the minimum.
250 g of oat flour is a significant amount, why are you not looking more carefully at what’s in it?


I am using Bob’s Red Mill Oat Groats and grinding them in a Nutramill.

Would the better idea be to use the USDA Food Database values for Oats instead of what is on the packaging?

Here’s the USDA food database entry for Oat Flour, partially debranned

Thanks for bumping this old thread @unsynchronized. Hopefully we can work out the correct values.


The percentages on labels refer to daily values. Calcium and iron are 1000 mg and 18 mg, so those percentages would be 20 mg calcium and 1.08 mg iron per serving.


It looks like the USDA’s numbers are similar for the calcium, but a bit more fit the iron. Going by the label, 250 g would add 6.75 mg iron. According to the USDA site, it would be 10 mg. In either case, iron is getting pushed farther towards the max of 45 mg.


Curiously one photo I saw of the actual label had 10% DV for iron and the website says 6% so it’s hard to know what’s correct.


@unsynchronized – To be clear, the recipe you’ve linked to was created by DIY user “e60369” – I have no specific knowledge or insight into what he or she has done with it.

I guess this is what happens when one doesn’t vigorously defend one’s trademarks… :slight_smile:


I’m guessing whoever typed up the nutrition info on the Bob’s Red Mill website made a typo. I see the picture with the 10% iron too. That would pretty much match the USDA’s numbers.


Bob’s red Mill has provided a thorough breakdown of their products in the past when e-mailed. You may be able to find it in an old thread here, or you could e-mail them for more details.


Take a look at my formula. I have been using the Bob’s Redmill Whole Oat powder for almost a year now. I copied off all of the numbers from the original bag that I purchased, and I have double or triple checked my numbers for typos.
I actually switched over to another brand that I can purchase off of Amazon. Bob’s shipping costs were far too high, and I couldn’t justify paying more on shipping than what the product cost.
But I really like Bob’s stuff.


My apologies @QuidNYC - It had not occurred to me that someone might have copied your recipe without using their own name in the title. I should have checked. It’s a bit cheeky of them really - I guess that’s why trademarks were invented in the real world. No offence intended. We need a DIY patent office it seems!


Hey man, yeah I tried that stuff. Gave me pretty crazy gas, but I didn’t use it long enough to see if my body would adjust. I switched to masa. Masa caused less gas, but it was still there. Other ingredients might have been causing the problems too, such as the rice protein I was using. Not sure. Looking forward to Soylent 1.0!


They ship to me in Australia (from USA) for less than it cost me to get stuff from Tasmania (another state in Australia), and it usually gets here faster too.
Not sure how they compare to amazons shipping costs


Have you tried just grinding whole rolled oats into flour? Much much cheaper.


I have been buying the 25 lbs bags of Bob’s and I am afraid that Amazon doesn’t sell those. I just checked iherb and they would be just slightly more expensive than direct from Bob.