Bobs red mill wholegrain oat flour replacement help!


hey just looking for a little help my recipie uses bobs oat flour right now which is kinda pricy. im thinking of useing this one in stead
however there is practically no nutritional information. however oats are oats so is it safe to assume the composition is pretty much identical when it comes to all the minerals ect?


How about 50 pounds for 50 bucks?

Cost wise, about the cheapest you can get and I agree – Oat flour is oat flour. The only concern might be the amount of gluten it contains, and that part doesn’t bother me. I don’t have a reaction to gluten.

Obviously, this might not work as well if you’re not in the states, but this is what I would recommend if one was planning on doing this long term and looking for cost reduction.


I’ve yet to find oat flour that is competitive with simply buying bulk oats and putting them in the blender to make my own flour.


I dont think my blender is capable of that lol
Big bag! Shiping not to bad iether. I may give it a go. Thx!



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