Body Hack Ideas


It seems like this community is interested in improving our overall level of well-being. My DIY soylent recipe has taken care of my flaws in eating consumption dramatically. Lost a ton of weight, no urge to snack, no waste of time cooking/ thinking/ or looking for food, and complete nutrition with just a drink.

What other body hacks are you guys currently involved in?

Last week I started using an ice vest around the house. (about 10 ice packs around my upper back and chest and around my torso) I usually have it on for 60 to 90 minutes.
My main reason for using it was for quicker exercise recovery but after reading this guys blog I am finding out there are many advantages to using this. (thermal loading, activate brown fat, increase adiponectin, high calorie burn, speed up ketosis, and lower glucose levels)
When I am on the computer, about 30 mins into wearing the ice vest I have goose bumps and have a shiver. But its usually unnoticeable when I am involved with work.

Thoughts? Any other body hack ideas?


Interesting, I thought it went away when you got older - apparently not:


Oh the B.A.T,? Ya i found his section titled “The Science” has some really interesting sources.


Here’s a real bodyhack, infrared vision:

Apparently @rob helped them develop a diet to hopefully develop it.


I used to work with this guy:

Started as an art project, but Neil totally committed.


@snowboardutah – It looks like cold thermogenesis is becoming all the rage… No ice vest yet here, but I have been taking cold showers every day since posting in this other thread back in March:

There have been plenty of days when I really don’t feel like doing it at first, and so I’ll get in the shower just a bit cooler than lukewarm to start. But without fail I’ll dial it down as I go, until it’s icy cold at the end. Definitely invigorating. I’m also following a ketogenic soylent diet geared toward weight loss, so it’s kind of hard to attribute my results to one thing or another, but taken together it’s working great and I intend to continue doing both.

No heart attacks yet… :smile:


@QuidNYC He has a study showing how the ice or cold helps you get into ketosis faster. But I am sure you have stayed in that state for awhile now, eh?

I actually dread the cold showers more then putting the ice vest on. Its not direct skin to skin. Usually you wear a t shirt or workout shirt and then the vest which is another layer of material. I am pretty sure Eric has talked about cold showers on his blog somewhere. I will invite him over to this thread if he wants to chime in.


I’ve been thinking a magnet in the finger could be fun.

Other than that, I have already been enjoying cold showers.


I have read about the magnet in the finger before. Almost gives you a sixth sense I have heard. Interesting.

I did a pretty big leg day yesterday and wanted to speed up recovery so I thought I would try the ice bath for 10 minutes up to my waist. WOW… here is a facebook pic of my NUMB legs That was rough, but I still received a longer and more intense shiver with the ice vest but it lacks the pain the ice bath inflicts.


There is always The Four Hour Body which mentions cold showers among many other things.


But cold showers are probably the least ‘efficient’ method of CT (cold thermogenesis). The least “bang for the buck,” for sure.


Check out this KickStarter campaign:


Interesting… but he’s kinda selling really hard. I’d probably feel a bit more trust towards his campaign if he wasn’t trying so hard to tell me why everyone else is full of shit.

I actually kinda want one or two of these just for general therapeutic icing. We ice a lot and always have to do it in bed which is pretty inconvenient and awkward. These seem like a much better solution. Hmmm.


I just really like the cold unless I have to hang around in it for a very long time. I regularly go out on my balcony in the winter in just my night shirt and feel really comfortable. The air in winter is so clean and refreshing! The winter coat doesn’t get done up (it’s a pain to do) unless it is less than -20C (or -4F) and windy. I keep hoping for some of these brown fat cells as a bonus.

(it’s heat spells that diminish my will to live)