Body Rejuvenation Program before Soylent


I’m thinking about using New Roots’ Body Rejuvenation Kit before starting my Soylent experience.

“Vitamins, exercise and diet can help rid the body of toxins, but they do not stop the build-up of putrefying toxic matter in the colon. A toxin-laden colon tract contributes to a polluted body environment that makes disease much more likely to establish and spread. This affects the liver, kidney, spleen, lungs, skin, sex organs, and the entire lymphatic system.
An annual Body Rejuvenation Kit treatment by New Roots Herbal will improve the health of your intestines. Nutrient absorption and vitamin synthesis will also be more efficient in a healthy intestinal environment.”

What’s your thought on this?


Makes sense in my opinion.


Sounds good but how does it work? To be honest, I’m not sure this does anything.


As far as I know, there’s absolutely no basis in fact for the whole ‘putrefying toxic matter in the colon’ thing that always gets used to try to sell these types of thing.

It’s an easy sell and an easy leap to make, because that’s where poop comes from, therefore it must be icky - but our intuition and assumptions often let us down in the absence of evidence.

As someone who used to suffer from Ulcerative Colitis, I’ve had several colonoscopies over the years, so I’ve seen the inside of my colon plenty of times: you stop eating for 24 hours and it’s empty - just a pink tube.

Your colon has a very similar structure to the rest of your epithelium - your mouth, your throat, your stomach - that whole tube that runs through you. Like the rest of it, the colon is a flexible tube of epithelial tissue, lined with specialist cells, kept moist and lubricated. It’s no different than the rest of the system, really, except by degrees - we just think it’s like an icky sewer because that’s where we send the end product.

Toxic waste products don’t build up in your throat, so why would they in your colon? By definition, the rate of throughput at one end is about the same as at the other and, unless you’re constipated, things don’t hang around in your colon any more than they do in your stomach.

This ‘kit’ is just a laxative, fibre and a pro-biotic, so I doesn’t seem like it would do any active harm - but probably not a great deal of anything else either.


Without really reading through it, I’ll give the short answer:

2 bottles of PROLAX 60 capsules, 430 mg

It works in a quite simple way…you get all the toxins out by getting EVERYTHING out the backside.
The other components of the kit are probably to get all the beneficial colon-inhabitants you just got rid of going again.

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Well, that makes sense. I guess I’ll be fine with the fiber and probiotics from my soylent forumla then.

Thanks for opening my eyes.


I had a family member with colon cancer and we ended up doing a lot of research about it (which ended up in a lot of research about the colon) and @duncanlock is correct. There of course is bacteria build up inside the large intestine that you will want to keep with probiotics, but honestly, fiber seemed to be the biggest thing for a “clean colon”. I remember reading a lot of articles saying to start eating lots of fruits and vegetables for roughage to help clean it out. Anyway, just my two cents


What is a “toxin?” …