Bottle Lids and Drinkability


I’m pretty new to the board so I hope this isn’t something that came up in the past, but I haven’t seen anything about it in some searches so …

It seems a lot of us on DIY use Nalgenes for carting our Soylent around, but I’ve always found the wide mouth of the Nalgene to be kind of annoying. Living in the desert you end up with a variety of water bottles and a week or so ago I realized that a flip-top from one of my other bottles has the same threads, and it’s a much better drinking-from-the-bottle experience.

So I did some searching as it turns out you can get them by themselves on the amazon.

It isn’t a great lid if you’re going to be throwing your bottle around or tossing it in your bag on it’s side (because it can pop open), but the flip top makes it a lot more convenient and less awkward than taking sips from the Nalgene rim. The opening is more like a spout so it pours and drinks from easily, but is wide enough to not get gunked up from the oat flour in my blend. It also isn’t a hassle to clean like the models that come with straws and other unnecessary parts. HUGE improvement over the standard Nalgene lid in my opinion.

Just figured I’d share that discovery while we all wait for our Soylent to ship.


very cool… thanks!



You can also get a Nalgene Splashguard, like this:


Yeah I have a couple of those too. They’re ok, but sometimes they fall into the bottle. Not very often, but when it does it you’re stuck drinking out of the wide mouth again until you can fish it out. Either one is better than the wide mouth alone though.


I have one of these, which I plan on using for my Soylent:

Manufacturer’s website sells them for $18:

$18, 26 oz stainless steel thermos (one serving of official Soylent is supposedly about 22.5 oz). Keeps things nice and cold for several hours. Has a push-button sippy thing that unscrews to give you a 2" opening*, which isn’t too terribly big to drink from:

*The opening tapers down to about 1.5" further inside the bottle. Half-moon ice cubes fit fine, cube ones might not.


Now that I’ve spent a day with official Soylent, I’m interested in finding a better vessel to drink out of. Ideally it would keep the liquid inside cold, though I work from home so have fridge access any time. The biggest issue for me is that I much prefer to drink this from a straw, so I would prefer a bottle that has an integrated straw-like attachment (as opposed to using an actual straw, which I expect would tend to fall down inside the bottle and cause great consternation!)

Any suggestions on an insulated bottle with straw attachment, or a lid with same?


This is my jam:

After removing the cap, the opening tapers inward about 40%, so not only is it a great size both to pour into and to drink from without needing a separate attachment, lid, cap, or anything else (those things are annoying to clean, anyway), but the tapering shape makes it really comfortable to hold against your lips. Of course, I’ve long adapted to the the wide-mouth of a standard Nalgene bottle, so your mileage may vary.

At 20oz, it’s about 2oz shy of a proper third of a day’s worth of Soylent, but I plan to mix my Soylent a little thicker than the 2L/day recommendation, so it should be a perfect meal-sized container.


I just ordered two of these so that I can always have one ready to go. The ones I got hold 750ml, or just over 25 ounces, so I’ll have plenty of spare room. Plus, they look darn fancy :slight_smile:


I highly recommend an insulated Hydro Flask. I put in ice and water yesterday morning, and sipped it all yesterday. It still has 5 medium sized pieces of ice in it and the water is still ( of course) ice cold. This was by far the best bottle I’ve seen. The main drawback is that the one I’m using is their 24oz which only has the small mouth with a loop cap lid. Their straw lid only works on the wide mouth which only comes in 18 oz or 40 oz sizes. I would like to note that the main reason I chose not to go with a straw lid is because there’s always some leaking issues with straw lid just by virtue of the mechanism. Sometimes you don’t notice anything, but I carry around my bottle at school enough that I didn’t want to risk it. Here are the links: