Bottle recommendations, please!


I’m getting really tired of having a nalgene that’s not big enough to fit an entire day’s worth of Soylent, so that I have to refill it at some point. I’m also tired of having to wash both the pitcher and the nalgene. Also, it sucks not being able to fit my hand in the nalgene to wash it.

I’d really like one portable container for mixing and taking with me all day, and with a mouth wide enough for me to fit my hand in for washing. I don’t understand why I can’t find this. Maybe I’m using the wrong search terms? Something like the Takeya pitcher that comes in the starter pack would be great, if it had a single solid screw cap, instead of that awkward handle or that weird double cap with pouring spout.

Anyway, somebody please tell me that you’ve discovered the solution to my conundrum.


Another forum member (I forget who) recommended this bottle:

I haven’t tried it, but I’ve been thinking of getting one to try.


For longer cold storage of a full day this would be good, I use the smaller version to divide my portions for the day.


I’ve looked at that link before and I laughed when there’s only a 0.5cm increase in mouth diameter, changing “Your hands will fit” from a “No” to “Yes”… Not sure that would make the world of difference for me, as at 8.5cm I have to fold my hand up just to barely pop it in. at 9cm it wouldn’t be much difference, still have to fold my hand up and barely pop it in.

I also routinely stick my takeya pitcher on the bottom rack of the dishwasher; lid parts go top shelf. Not sure why it’s listed as “top rack only” but I think that’s for the lid parts only.


Well, it should be said that at 9cm your hand will still barely fit but since the container holds the same volume and is shorter then it should still open up a little more once your hand is in. But yeah it’s not exactly the most unbiased comparison haha

Also, I thought the comparison of “same material as” was funny. And inaccurate. Nalgene bottles are made of lexan, while most beverage bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which melt at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees lower than the boiling point of water at sea level). I’m not sure exactly what Takeya pitchers are made of but the plastic is harder and, according to the Takeya website, is able to withstand boiling temperatures.


Thanks for the recommendation, but I don’t need it to be insulated, nor do I need it to be made of metal, nor does it look like I could fit my hand in. Also $55 is a bit pricey for me, yikes.


That looks like exactly what I’m looking for. Also, I appreciate knowing I’m not the only one who was frustrated by the Takeya pitcher, it’s unnecessary complexity, and inconvenient handles.

However, I do wonder about the safety of it. I don’t know anything about chemicals or plastics or anything, but it seems that it might not be designed for being drunk from, especially not every day. Also, I heard that PPCO might have reactions to UV rays. I’m just hesitant to drink from a container that wasn’t tested for that purpose. But I dunno, do people think it’d be safe?


Do you absolutely need the entire day’s worth? I mix up an entire day’s worth in the Takeya pitcher, refrigerate overnight, and then the next morning after some vigorous shaking (of the bottle) I then pour it into 3 Blender Bottles, each of which holds 1 serving plus room for extra water (I like to dilute mine a bit by rinsing the pitcher out and pouring into the bottles).

I then put two of them in an insulated lunch box with freezer packs, then take to work. The third one I leave in the fridge at home for dinner or breakfast the next day.

Granted 3 small bottles may not work for you. But this way I can take 2/3 of the pitcher with me and have at my desk, keeping one bottle cool whilst drinking from the other one.

Plus, Blender Bottles are cheap and help remix sediment back in.


$26 seems way too expensive for a plastic bottle.


It’s a thermoformed polycarbonate resin that’s extremely durable and UV-resistant, with a cap that screws on tight and lasts a long time, originally made as a shatter-proof alternative to glass laboratory containers. So, yeah, Nalgene stuff has always been expensive. But it’s not like there are a lot of alternatives doing the same thing for cheaper (bear in mind it’s 2 liters)

You could probably get a 2-liter stainless steel bottle for around $10-15 and if you really shop around you could find something on clearance for a few dollars. Alternatively, you could save a few dollars if you find a generic brand or save a lot of dollars if you find something out of a cheaper material. But yeah.

I used to sell kayaks and the stuff that was made of thermoformed plastic cost almost as much as if it were fiberglass


I just grabbed a cheap 2½L plastic container from the local grocery store, plus a bunch of smaller 600mL bottles (for travel/work). And I use a bottle brush. Piece of cake.

But yeah, the Takeya kind of sucks.


That Hydro flask is nice!


I own two of the vacuum insulated Hydroflasks (a 40oz to hold a half-batch portion for my days at work, and a 64oz for the rare occasion when I need to transport a full batch). I just wanted to say that these bottles really are amazing. I have accidentally left portions of Soylent/Schmoylent in my 40oz bottle for over 24 hours at a time, un-refrigerated, sitting on my desk, and the Soylent was still well below room temperature and perfectly drinkable. I don’t even use ice in the bottle, I simply pour the refrigerator-temperature Soylent into it in the morning and it stays plenty cool. It obviously then is very sufficient for keeping your Soylent cool throughout a standard work day, especially if you intend on using ice. I imagine brand might not be too important, and other vacuum insulated bottles would probably be comparable (Thermos brand or something), though I haven’t tried other brands.

I know the OP already stated that the Hydroflask wasn’t right for him, but I thought i’d voice my opinion on it in case somebody else read this thread for recommendations. But, if the OP wanted to upgrade to something insulated, judging purely by pictures I’ve seen, some of the Thermos brand bottles look like they might have a larger mouth, maybe standard “wide-mouthed-Nalgene-sized” or whatever.


Thanks, everyone, for all the replies!

I think this is the right option for me after all; at least from what I’ve been able to find, and from the options presented. I have to wash things by hand, so I’m really looking for one container for mixing and carrying.

I agree, but I literally have been unable to find anything else cheaper. It’s like nobody has ever needed to affordably carry 2 liters of anything before. If you can find a cheaper 2L plastic bottle with a mouth wide enough for me to get my hand in there, please let me know.

Yeah, I’d appreciate any more suggestions for my particular situation, but I’m happy with just general suggestions on how people transport their Soylent for future readers.


I bought this, but haven’t actually used it yet (waiting for the first shipment of Soylent) but seems like it should work well. The 32oz should hold 2 meals worth for the entire day. Though this one won’t be big enough to fit your hand through, but maybe it’ll be useful some day?


I got the 40oz version. It’ll arrive sometime later this week – hopefully it’ll be the answer to my consumption questions!

Other than actually getting my reorder which I ordered two and a half weeks ago…


You just described my process exactly.

I drink one bottle at stop lights on the way to work. One about noon and the third during the commute home.