Bottle with foil tape on each side?

One of the soylent bottles from my last order is a bit beat up and has a piece of foil tape attached to each side of it. Has anyone else seen anything like this?


What was in the bottle? What’s in the bottle? What’s in the boooooooottle?

I would email and request a refund or replacement.

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How does that even happen?? Very strange! Let us know what customer service says about it

1 millionth bottle?
What does have to say ?

I’ve got a silver ticket!

Waiting on customer support


Was this bottle in an intact box? Maybe during the great mold hunt people went through individual bottles and tape was used somehow to mark bottles? Just a wild guess.

Looks like it was the end of the roll that has the normal shrink wrap.


That actually kinda makes sense! :raised_hand:

I just got one of these in a box I just ordered. Should I assume this is just a sloppy way to deal with attempts to not waste shrink-wrap during production? I’m assuming the contents of the bottle should be safe for consumption?