Bought One single bag of Soylent 1.5, no scoops, how much powder for one meal only?

I bought this one bag off of ebay to try it. It’s only the bag and no scoops. How much powder, in tsp or tbs, do I use for only one meal worth of Soylent? About how much water too? I cant find anywhere the volumes worth of soylent in a bag. I’d divide that by 4 to know the volume to use per meal. All I’m getting are scoops and I also see there are two sizes of scoops which are confusing.

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Volume varies by how hard the powder is packed; it is why I use a scale. I’d tell you the packed amount but I don’t remember offhand, it has been so long. I think I did post about it months ago though.
This was the post I made.

Scoop is roughly 1/2 cup, and you use 2 scoops per serving - so one 500-calorie serving = 1 cup of Soylent + 2 cups of water.


The easiest way is to know that a meal is ¼ of a bag. So just dump the bag in a large measuring cup or large jar, pour ¾ back into the bag, the rest is your meal. If one meal is a little bit bigger or smaller than another, it’s OK, it’ll all average out in the end.

(Note that this assumes 4 meals per day for a person who needs 2000 calories; also, you may want to adjust so that breakfast is smaller than dinner, or whatever. Just do what feels right. As long as you average the right number of calories per day, the exact amount of each individual meal isn’t super important.)


Thank you! Finally, one person with the answer one is looking for when asking this question. I for one, just want to know what the measures are.
I don’t understand why I was not sent any instructions with my order - zero - nothing! No measurements on the glass pourer, not on the scoop, not on the bags, no way of telling how much powder to put in the container to mix with water or whatever.

Ebayers are not necessarily considerate. They don’t represent the company.