Bought soylent for europe a few years ago

So i backed 75 bucks worth of soylent to Europe delivery many years ago

It’s never arrived

So… what do i do now? Can i get a refund somewhere? Are they planning to still ship it (eventually?)

I think if you email them they will refund the money to you.

I don’t think they have the ability to sell in Europe at this time.

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I doubt that they are still planning to deliver your order after all this time. The good news is that customer service has greatly improved in the last year. You should find the contact form at and let them know about your forgotten order.

If you have a record of previous communication with them, it might speed things up if you can send a copy with your communication. The most important information is probably the email address you used when contacting them previously.

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@Conor answered pretty much this exact same question less than a day ago in another thread: