Bowel Movements with 1.4

Can we get some discussion about bowel movements for users of 1.4? I’ve noticed that the reduced fiber is causing me to have somewhat less solid stools than I would have with 1.3. Why did they reduce the fiber? What was the reasoning to go below what seems to be commonly recommended levels of fiber? It doesn’t even seem like it has as much as it’s supposed to have to be nutritionally complete.

Also, if I choose to supplement the original formula with some fiber, how do I do that? Can anyone give me a super simple method to reach a higher fiber content? I don’t mind to add something to each bag, but I don’t know what or how much.


Add a tablespoon (10g) of psyllium husk powder to each bag. Mix it with the powder thoroughly before adding any water.


Fiber is used to move solids along, there is no nutritional value, soylent is liquid so it doesnt need as much fiber to move along, makes total sense to reduce it, also probably helped with gas issue

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Like axcho said, psyllium husk is the way to go for adding more fiber to your Soylent. But like antiman mentioned, there’s no actual nutritional value of fiber. The ‘nutritional’ recommendation is to help move food along and to regulate the rate of absorption which reduces the degree of your blood sugar spikes and prevents insulin resistance. Since Soylent is liquid the former is far less important, and since 1.4 significantly changed the carbohydrate blend the latter can be said to be addressed by Soylent’s naturally-lower GI.

Assuming, of course, that the GI is actually lower.

If nothing else, psyllium will probably help with the quality of your stools

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Which is the entire point of this thread.

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I’m trying to get information specifically about bowel movements on 1.4.


I think nwoll was answering all the questions in your original comment


Sure. Again, “search feature” works great. Fecal Soiling Remedy was created after v1.4 release. If you puruse Log your opinions of 1.4 here you’ll find plenty of mentions on bowel movements.

The fiber heading of this Soylent notice answers three of your questions. Reduced fiber in 1.4 might also be of interest to you.

Its allright. Sometimes it might not occur to people.

I’m curious how 1.4 with added psyllium compares with 1.3 with added psyllium. Say you add 10g per day. With 1.3 that would have put you at about 40g of fiber per day. With the reduced fiber in 1.4 you’d be at 28. Any pros/cons going from 40 to 28?

Sure. Again, I’m trying to elicit specific new information regarding the topic, limited to 1.4… Those threads don’t contain this information, and I have already read everything. Forum users can be so tiring…

Thanks for the advice. I did this today, and I am interested to see the difference in results.


Sure. Again, all four links are specifically limited to v1.4. :smile:

I hope you aren’t referring to me; seems a little off-putting if you are. Maybe I’m just being sensitive?

I mean everything sincerely (again, not snarky). You posted five particular questions; including @axcho’s suggestion, every one of those five questions are answered, in-depth, within those links.

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They aren’t, but feel free to keep mentioning the search feature. It had never occurred to me that forums had search features! I thought you had to read every topic one at a time! Who would have guessed.


I like to use this fiber supplement. Just add 2 tea spoons to a bag of Soylent and shake to mix. Then portion out as normal.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Great, let me know how it goes for you. :wink:

How did it go? I’m considering buying some Psyllium Husk Powder too to add to 1.4.

It works as advertised. I’m pleased with adding 10g of psyllium husk powder.


I often add fiber to my 1.3 since I usually only have one Soylent meal per day and I struggle to get enough vegetables or other fiber containing foods in the other meal; so, will continue to add it to the 1.4 as well. I’ve been using both Metamucil (psyllium husk) or chia seeds. For the Metamucil I use the no-sugar orange flavor which makes the Soylent taste a bit like a Creamsicle. In that case I’m putting in one or two teaspoons into a 16 oz (500 cal) serving of Soylent. For chia I toss in a tablespoon to 16 oz and whiz it up in a mini blender, although one nice thing is that chia does -not- need to be ground, I just like it better that way.

Note that either of these will make the Soylent even thicker than it is naturally and it gets more so if you let it sit around.

I don’t like to use Metamucil because of the flavoring, but the added texture from plain ground psyllium seed husk seems to reduce some of the “slimy” factor of 1.4. The best way I’ve found to flavor 1.4 is to simply add Soylent in a 1:1 to pure water and add a couple drops of pure vanilla extract.