Boxing on large orders of Soylent 2.0

Can anyone tell me how very large orders of 2.0 bottles are boxed? For example, it seems that a 12 pack weighs about 15 pounds. If I ordered, for example, 144 bottles. How are they going to be shipped? Obviously a 180 pound box is not ideal. I would need to have these shipped to my work. So carrying them out all the way to the parking structure could be a challenge.

Are the 12 packs grouped into separate shipments somehow?

I had 5 in one full box, was real heavy too


Someone mentioned:


I just received 60 bottles. It was in one very large box that weighed ~70 lbs! Inside were 5 smaller boxes that each contained 12 bottles.

I thought my FedEx Ground guy was a whimp until I went to lift it. The combination of the weight and awkward size made it a pain to lift and carry.

If they had simply packed them side-to-side standing up, the resulting would have been much easier to handle.

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Damn, that [re]packaging sucks. lol

Keep in mind that you can create multiple subscriptions for the same product, in order to stagger the deliveries and get smaller boxes. By eliminating the volume discounts they’ve kind of disincentivized having one large subscription rather than multiple smaller subscriptions.


I got my 1 month order in 4 packages each containing 3 soylent boxes.

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I ordered 72 bottles a few days ago, and according to FedEx, they’re two ~42lb shipments.

3 cases in a box sounds manageable. 4 or 5 starts getting somewhat unwieldy.

I’m guessing the subscriptions will repeat 28 days from receipt of the first shipment (which for most of the pre-orders was late last week)… Does that sound right? I’m thinking of setting up another subscription to stagger the 2.0 by 14 days.

Really good tip. I’ll do this if Puralator put all 144 bottles in the same box.

I ordered 96 bottles came in 2, 56lbs boxes, each with four boxes of 12. Most of the bottles were dented, as I noticed was the case with some of the taste test videos. I think it’s a combination of the box thickness and bottle shape/material that causes them the get a little crushed, but they didn’t appear to actually be damaged.

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I think I am going to split my subscription of 144 bottles into three subscriptions of 48 bottles. I think this will make shipping less of a logistical headache.

I was thinking that maybe one subscription would work if you used the Pause feature. When you pause you can say (from memory) 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or until I un-pause. The last one is the interesting one. Does that mean I can pause and then a week later un-pause and get it delivered immediately? When it ships I would immediately pause again. Multiple subscriptions is a pain and using the pause feature the way I’m saying is also a pain. At least it is good having a choice of what kind of pain you want. :smile:

Again, I have no idea if pause works the way I’m guessing it will work.

A LOT of my bottles look like they are “dented”. I’m not sure why. Maybe this is just how the bottles look after they are made. I say this because so many of the bottles have this feature.

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Mine weren’t dented, but it’s pretty thin plastic so it doesn’t surprise me they dent easily during shipping. Ensure bottles are much more dense which seems less eco friendly to me.

Mine were dented. I think the FedEx guy was pissed he had to lug them up three flights of stairs, so the boxes got a little manhandled. I got 3 boxes with 4 each, total of about 20 pounds per box, give or take.

Four 12 packs are 50-60 pounds with all that packaging; I’m sure he’s not going to like you so much when he figures out this is happening every 4 weeks.