Boycotting Soylent? REALLY?


This is just lame. Someone spammed our Youtube channel today but it looks like Youtube nuked it before it ever was seen. I got an email notification with the comment in it though, and they’re promoting a “boycott soylent” site. I’m not going to link to it since I don’t want to give them any link juice, but you can find it at… / boycottsoylent

Basically they’re ranting about how evil Soylent is blah blah blah. Yet another idiot who thinks somehow that Soylent’s mere existence means everyone is going to be forced to consume only it.

Man why are people so dumb?


Not worried, the people who think like that would never have been a Soylent user anyway :slight_smile:


All press is good press! Hopefully exposure this will turn a few more people on to Soylent and it’s benefits.


The facebook page is hilariously terrible.


I hear DeNiro mentioned Soylent in his new book…:slight_smile:


You aren’t kidding… lmfao

Quote from the Facebook page in question:

This is more than just about Soylent. This is about everything that Soylent believes, stands for, and represents!

This is an anti establishment movement. This is about saying “That is not right!”.

Basically, if you think that the world is a messed up place and that human greed and selfishness is to blame, and If you understand the meanings behind movies like Fight Club, The Dark Knight, The Matrix - then you have come to the right place.


Man, I don’t want to be associated with this in any way. Does anyone have a way to un-watch and “derstand” those movies?

(Every day I invent a new word is a good day.)


I like how he uses matrix as an example of anti Soylent… When matrix was basically pro Soylent (the guy who wanted his beef betrayed everyone)


Pretty obvious satire.


If i could my hands on a nutritionally complete tasty wheat from the matrix… oh man i’d be stuffing my face right now lol.


Because they lower others to their level and beat them with experience.

I have more than a few issues with the statements he makes, but I bet they’d be deleted, removed or hidden as soon as the page maker sees them.




I’ll take the girl in the red dress over the tasty wheat


I’m sorry, but that is just awesome!! Ha ha made my day.


It doesn’t have everything the body needs.


What hath I wrought by quoting that Facebook page?!? Both @gannas’s and @ILoveLamp’s posts are attributing that quote to me! I did not say it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha! You, sir (or ma’am) are lucky that I comprehend things a la interwebs.


Wow. Thanks for posting this information. Fear mongers… No good idea ever went unchallenged.


Perhaps you don’t understand the word need


I can’t find it on facebook.