Bracing for 2 feet of snow with 3 days of Soylent left


Live in Pa. Expecting ~up to 30 inches of snow…

If that happens, I have about 3 days of Soylent left and won’t be able to get any food from the store since I don’t drive.

I will be holding Rosa/Soylent responsible for any health issues that occur due to lack of supply.

I mean my subscription could be here today or in a month…Don’t know and haven’t heard any updates or info related to shipping /delivery of re-orders…

Yeah kidding about the holding them responsible…And my winter car is a 328i xdrive with 4 Blizzacks {snow tires}…Yep been driving since I was 12.



What was the point of this post?


I think, much like his previous post about eating an entire day’s worth of Soylent in one sitting, is facetious by nature. :slight_smile: He sure created a ruckus in the aforementioned post.


Oh yeah? Well, I’ve been drinking since I was 12, and that’s had a lot of great effects on my wumble yurg.


Silly muggle.


There is none. 20 20 20


The point was to jokingly refer to the big weather story and connect it to Soylent.