Bran for fiber and iron?


I was curious if anyone had considered using Bran, or crushed/powdered Bran Flakes to get their fiber and iron? I know some have reported some issues with gas by using the fiber powders, and others have reported (possible) issues with Iron absorption from straight up supplements, so it would seem like a 2 birds 1 stone scenario if Bran could be used for these two purposes?


I add rice bran for phosphorous, magnesium, and fiber. Initially I tried using up to 1/4cup, but found not only does it make my soylent taste worse/falls to the bottom, but the fiber doesn’t set very well on my stomach (read “mild-to-moderate cramping+bloating”), so I’ve toned it down to a more moderate 1/2 to 1 tbsp. This doesn’t end up adding much ( 1.5g fiber, 1.38mg iron, 56mg mag, 125mg phosphorous ) but it’s a worthwhile addition to round out some of the minerals and add a little fiber.
So, YMMV on the fiber cramping, and this was rice bran while it sounds like you’re thinking wheat bran. Also I’m not worried about getting full iron since men have trouble getting rid of excess iron, and if you regularly eat non-soylent foods like fortified bread/cereal then it’s not hard to get enough.

What about fiber?