Breakdown of Soylent pre-orders


Soylent crowfund website is gone, so does anyone know how much of Soylent pre-orders was made in every order size? I mean, how many 15 week orders, how many 12 weeks, 8, 4, 1 week orders… With this information I could create progress bar and extrapolate it (with degree of probability).

I know that progress bars (especially in older Windows) are never precise, it still nice to know that 20 or 50 or 80% number of files or data size was copied.


Oh man, I’d be extremely interested in this information as well, just out of general curiosity for the breakdowns. Numbers are fun!

Let’s tag @rob & @JulioMiles and see if they’ll let us in on that?


We’re not going to release that information at this time, but I’m sure if you look in the right places you could find something.


Oh, didn’t know is still online…

So according to this, there is:
23824 weeks of 4+ week orders (5956 * 4 weeks)
7836 weeks of 2 week orders (3918 * 2 weeks)
14922 weeks of 1 week orders

(I don’t care about precise numbers, it’s enough to know that >=4 week orders have same mass as <4 week orders.)

So if 1 month of Soylent orders are being shipped now (, it means that about 1/2 of mass of Soylent will be shipped during 2 months (1/May - 31/June) and all pre-orders should be shipped in August.

Looks, I won’t get my order before September (London, UK). :smile: Going to grocery store again…


These numbers are probably very inaccurate, once the team mentioned they would be shipping larger orders first their was a huge swell in buying more volume by customers.


That would make <4 week orders smaller thus we are well past 50% point…


That would make <4 week orders smaller thus we are well past 50% point…

They’re not through shipping >= 4week orders. We don’t even know how far into the 1-month orders they are right now.


You also need to consider that these numbers do not express people who were streamlined through the process of shipping because they were VIP’s. Surely there wouldn’t be a HUGE number difference but it would still affect the statistics overall and we can’t really know for sure until they tell us.