Bret's Soylent: Oat, Rice. Complete, low price. Maltodextrin and sugars replacement

Hello, firstly I wanted to replace sugar with maltodextrin. Is this acceptable? (If so, I’ll use this part firstly as I have about 10 kg of maltodextrin, the bland taste is acceptable for me.) Then I saw “Bret’s Soylent: Oat, Wheat. More protein, low price” and saw no maltodextrin in here. Maybe one can replace both sugar and maltodextrin with protein? What are the bad sides of this?

Yes, you can go ahead and replace the sugar with maltodextrin, but no, you can’t replace sugar/malto with protein.

The ketogenic diet people may strongly disagree with that.

The higher the protein, the higher the cost - protein is an expensive component.

Also, very high protein is stressful on the kidneys. If you don’t have kidney problems, you’ll tolerate it, but it may not be a good thing, long-term.

Consuming more protein than you can benefit from is a waste of money and can unnecessarily stress your organs.

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I also can use more oat floor, it’s not that expensive, the only thing that bothers me is the high magnase lvls.

My recipe has oat flour and maltodextrin in it oat chow

With >150g carbs I wouldn’t consider this recipe keto-friendly. You’re better off switching the sugar to good fats. Too much protein knocks you out of ketosis.

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