Brian's Brain Booster - done and done - Feedbacks please


Here’s my recipe (the carbs and fibers is intentionally kept under the recommended values):


Why? And why do you call it brain booster?


Fibers is overrated (imo) and carbs are bad (imo). If anybody wants to use my recipe, they can just up the amount of Maltodextrin and Psyllium Husk. Also I want to lose some weight and my body responds better to cutting down on carbs rather than fat.

I called it Brain Booster partly because there’s the option of adding the nootropic ingredients and partly because it is a play of my name Brian.


Fibers are vital to make your gut work correctly. What makes you think they’re overrated?


As I wrote earlier, it’s just my personal preference (hence imo), if people don’t like it, they can adjust the fiber content, it isn’t really that essential to the recipe in question. I did not mean that fibers are overrated per se, I meant the amount Rob wants is too much. If you look around on the net, you’ll see that there’s people who thrives on even less fiber.


First off, eurgh, Daily Mail. Secondly, do you have IBS? If not, then on what basis are you omitting essential fiber? Thirdly, the very article you linked says that soluble fiber actually IMPROVED the situation. Guess what kind of fiber Psyllium Husk is?

Again from the Daily Mail article:

And while it is often helpful to remove bran for a while until the gut has calmed down, there are health benefits in a balanced diet containing different kinds of soluble fibre and some insoluble fibre, says GP Wendy Denning, author of The Diet Doctors Inside And Out.

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And why have you linked to an article about sugar? NVM, carbs, duh…


Yeah, this recipe needs a bit more research.


Regarding the second article, I believe that is more to do with the fructose (debatable), but also seems to be talking about table sugar. Your main carb sources are oat powder and maltodextrin, neither of which contain fructose.

While I don’t think there’s anything necessarily wrong with going low-carb (ketogenic diet springs to mind), your protein seems pretty high. Are you going to be doing a lot of working out while you drink this? If not, consider replacing some of the protein with fats.


I am doing a lot of working out, both weights and cardio, so yes, that is the reason for the higher protein amount. If I feel the need for more carbs I’ll just up the amount, same goes with fiber. It does not change the recipe in any way significantly. In fact, my recipe is the first recipe I have seen that covers everything from fatty acid ratios to the amount vitamins and minerals and with a complete amino acid profile. And as I said, if you wanna use more fibers and carbs, then just up the amounts.


The research reported that when mice were fed a diet of 25% added sugar, the females died twice as often as those fed regular diets

That second article is awesome. Apparently sugar consumption turned them into zombie mice (they died twice as often, which would mean two times. So apparently they came back and had to be killed again.)


Hehe, nice catch :slight_smile: Anyway, I have upped my amount of fibers. it is almost 30g which is what I read on the MayoClinic was recommende. However, I wont be using that much myself, not at first anyway


Fiber should definitely be eased into, otherwise you’re in for a time as a porcelain cowboy.


I have contacted Eurofins laboratories. I will send a mix of my recipe to them to have a complete analysis of it. When I get it, I will make sure to upload it here. I’m pretty excited about it. Also, I have changed the recipe a little. Although I am not complete up to par with fiber, it is much closer than previous.

Eurofins laboratories exists all over the world:


Please do, this is very interesting.


Please be patient with this, I fear it could take up to a month from now before I get an answer. But rest assured that I will do this. I don’t want to play jeopardy with my health :sunny:


Got my items to day, starting tomorrow… Very excited and a little nervous as well :smile:

I was wondering, how much do you guys eat a long the day. Do you divide it up into 3 equal sized portions or just two or do you eat more/less in the morning/evening. I usually do my workout post work, so I figure I need at least 1/3 right after my workout?


These are meals. Maybe you should stick to the usual protein shake after the workout and then have your Soylent.


Yeah, you might be right on that one. So I just made my first mix today, if it tastes as good as it smells I’d be very happy


I definitely need to divide it up into at least three portions. I am extremely full right now :smiley:


Brian, could you tell us what the rough cost of that analysis is from Eurofins? Some of the rest of us may be interested if it is relatively affordable. Did you ‘shop around’ different labs, why did you choose Eurofins? (just curious)