Brief 1.1 Review


Quick thoughts on Soylent 1.1, after a few days:

The new formula has totally gotten rid of the upset stomach feeling. I now feel “normal” after eating it. But I’m still noticing very foul gas / stool. So, half the problem fixed. Half not.

The new boxes are a huge improvement, space-wise.

I haven’t seen the oil, because I buy the vegan version.

The new pouch zippers seem much worse. When I open them, the powder spills all over the counter. I never had that problem with the old ones. I’m confused by this pouch “upgrade.”



The pouch upgrade was to make them reseal better. For those of us who mix a whole days worth, the new pouch is slightly worse. I think part of it is that there is less air in the pouch so when you drop it on the counter a couple times, it doesn’t all come out of the top.

I agree on the gas. It is much better but still horrible bad enough that I can’t go more than 50% Soylent. I use my People Chow DIY for the other 50%. I will probably go back to 100% DIY and wait for Soylent 1.2 to try again. I would really love to go 100% Soylent. I catch myself making measuring mistakes on my DIY for one thing. I also wouldn’t mind getting all the vitamins closer to the 100% mark.


I’ve been on 50% Soylent 1.1 for over a week and I think the gas has gotten a little worse. I did try probiotics when I was on DIY and the gas was about as bad was somewhere between Soylent 1.0 and 1.1. I don’t think I will try probiotics again unless I have some solid hope that they will help the gas. I just ordered some chlorophyll ( which is supposed to help. It’s also supposed to turn your poo green! That’s my last hope to make Soylent 1.1 usable. :cry:


Soylent green is… poo. Awesome.