Brio! soylent ice cream?

Interesting new ice cream touted as meal replacement. (Okay, not really meal replacement, but healthier nonetheless).

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Very interesting. I like how they still use sugar and don’t mention how much when they’re listing the protein, fiber, and fat content. :wink:

I was not able to find the full Nutrition Facts on the site.

I’ll be very curious to see if this finds a market. :slight_smile:

Nutrition Facts here.


I’m sure it will. There will always be people who can’t stay away from a favorite junk food, who’ll jump at the chance to eat a slightly healthier version of it.

looked pretty appealing until i noticed the “no GMO” label.
I prefer to eat only gmo foods, so i’ll be skipping this one.


A while ago I mentioned I thought we would start seeing nutritionally complete foods start to sell. Given a little work, you can probably come up with all kinds of great food that is actually good for you. I do love ice cream but I won’t pay extra for 100% nutrition. I get that with Soylent and I have no issue with eating a little “low quality” food on the side.

Still, if this continues, then I can see the world (especially the US of A) getting healthier.


As far as I can tell, they just added vitamins and minerals to milk.

15g sugar, 5g protein, 5g fat.

I’m not an expert at these things but this sounds like a terrible ratio for macros. I mean goddamit at least cut the sugar!

More good stuff, no bad.

Did they not receive the memo about sugar being bad?


Well, as the dessert in a balanced diet, maybe it’s not bad. Dinner shouldn’t have nearly any sugar in it.

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I. AM. IN. My main weakness…

I have blending soylent with protein powder (switched to hemp recently and am very happy), Chocolate PB2, and frozen fruit to curb my desires. It works REALLY well for me.