British rocket scientist says he's designed a better saucepan



[quote]He is also an avid mountaineer and says that this invention was spurred by the long time it takes for water to reach a boil at high altitudes.[/quote] This confused me… It won’t be at 100c but it’ll boil quicker.


It’s a great idea for a gas stove, but I can’t see myself buying one:

  1. Out of my price range.
  2. I’ve been much happier with steel over cast aluminum (It pits and warps)
  3. Doesn’t look like it would work with non-gas stoves (induction requires steel, standard electric stoves require lots of direct contact surface area.)
  4. How easy/hard is it to clean if you get grease splattered on the outside? It’s hard enough to scrub it off a smooth surface without all the extra fins.


It depends on how you’re heating it. Some types of cooking fuel don’t burn as hot at high altitudes, because there’s less air/oxygen. Also, if there’s distance between the pan and the heat source, the heating power of convection will be lower because the air convecting the heat is less dense.

But the altitude effect, overall, is minor.

Mostly what people notice is not that water takes longer to boil at high altitude, but that cooking something in boiling water takes longer - and this is because the water is boiling at a slightly lower temperature, so you need to cook things longer.