Brooklyn Nine Nine Reference to Soylent?


I was watching Brooklyn Nine Nine heard what sounds an awful lot like a reference to Soylent:


LOL wow… yeah I wouldn’t exactly call that subtle! :smiley:


That was great! Maybe this is the beginning of a story arc and they will sneak the Soylent guys in in cameos! Wouldn’t it be great to see Rob drinking Soylent over by the filing cabinet. Muggles wont notice but we will.


Can someone type what was said? I’m deaf and it’s not captioned.


“I had no idea Captain Holt was interested in FOOD!”

“I have ZERO interest in food. If it were feasible my diet would consist entirely of flavorless beige smoothies containing all the nutrients required by the human animal.”

I like this guy already… lol

Advertising student hoping you'll share your motivations!

thanks for typing it our for Rolf. You were quicker than me!


Yeah quick! And thanks. :slight_smile:


Andre Braugher carries that show. Him and Terry Crews.


Yeah well… 100wpm+ on a good day. LOL I have no life and have had no life since about the mid 80s when I started getting on BBSes with my 300 baud acoustic modem. Remember WarGames? That was wannabe me (only a few years younger)! LOL


I think I started with a 300 baud modem too. Man we are getting old :slight_smile:


Us Matthew-Broderick-types need to stick together.


Best part of WarGames was that the city in which resided the “game company” he tried to hack into, was where I lived and still do. They even used a real phone number too and not the usual “555-1234” type of number. I thought that was so super cool as a kid. :wink: