Brown Rice Syrup 25 GI: 3%Glucose, 45%Maltose, 50%Sol.Com.Carb


Has anyone else considered Brown Rice Syrup?

It has a Glycemic Index of 25, and contains 3% Glucose, 45% Maltose, and 50% Soluble Complex Carbohydrates. It is mildly sweet. I have really enjoyed using it in the Oat, Flax, Whey, Brown Rice Syrup recipe on


I can’t find any source that I would consider reliable that says it’s GI actually is 25. Wikipedia suggests that those complex carbs are just maltotriose which is a trisaccharide of three glucose molecules (and technically is maltodextrin). Can anyone find a more authoritative source saying that brown rice syrup has such a low GI? Or, any information at all about what its GI actually is?


I did find information suggesting component GIs were 100 for Glucose, 105 for Maltose, and 64 for Maltotriose. It seems hard to believe the GI would be 25 for the sum of them. There are several refences to 25 as the GI for Brown Rice Syrup, but none of them seem to be primary source labs or peer reviewed articles by experts.