Bucket Unbucketing

My Soylent Bucket arrived today! I’m pretty excited. I usually use the regular flavor powder packs at home and with the Bucket I’m geeking out over the $1/meal concept. Here’s my experience from arrival to first glass.

When it arrives, it’s just the Bucket. No other packaging. I love that. My wife and I already have plans to reuse the bucket when it’s empty.

To open, there’s a tab on the side that needs to be broken. BE CAREFUL on this part: I bent back part of my fingernail doing this, and I have short nails.

After breaking:

Then you can rip off the sealing ring:

This step took me a minute to figure out. There are about eight “clamps” around the outside of the lid and they have to be pulled outward to unlock the lid. Here’s a top-down photo of half the clamps pulled out:


I then stuck my fingers in and fished around for a measuring scoop. Success! It was quite buried though, and when I fished it out I knocked some powder out:

Here’s my dog looking on in eager anticipation:

Here’s the markings on the scoop. I assume that’s 90 cubic centimeters:

I usually mix a packet with water in the Soylent pitcher, so I needed to convert these scoops to the equivalent packet weight. One scoop weighs about 1.5 ounces.

Each packet is 15.8 ounces. 15.8 divided by 1.5 is 10.53. So mixed my pitcher with 10 1/2 scoops and the consistency felt similar to a packet. Taste was the same too.


Thanks for the info on how to open the bucket, I needed that. It looks like using a knife might be the way I approach it, making sure to be careful in the process too of course.

So it’s a generic 5 gallon paint bucket, LMAO. :joy:

Kind of weird how that material ends up being cheaper than the bags. I’m really not sure how that works out.

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So jealous… really want the bucket in Canada…

The second chocolate goes on sale in the bucket, I will switch.