Buckwheat Flour Nutrition Thoughts?


Just Curious but has anyone used buckwheat flour in a recipe and if anyone has the Red Mill Buckwheat flour nutrition info could I have it?


I routinely use buckwheat flour in my RealFoods Analogue Soylent recipes (along with oat powder and spelt flour). I find it a very satisfactory source of carbohydrate and fibre; recently doubled the quantity of it that I was using. You can get nutritional info for buckwheat and quite a few other things by using the “search foods” function on cronometer.com


Thanks for that site I can see it being helpful in other aspects. Just curious what is the taste like?


My recipes have several other flavouring ingredients so I could not really isolate what the buckwheat does. I’m told some people don’t like buckwheat flavour but I have used it in hot cereal, pancakes, and other foods (as well as soylent) and never found it in any way objectionable. Buckwheat and spelt are two of my favourite whole grains, in fact (except that buckwheat is not actually a grain, but a seed if you want to quibble).

Buy a one-pound package in a well-stocked supermarket or a health-food store and give it a try, would be my advice. (BTW does Bob’s Red Mill not post nutritional info on their website? I’m too lazy to go check right now.)


Ennh, They do but I prefer having a fuller list then just the label that comes on the pkg


https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6yuO87BRHJNWGtwYzFPVTRsWWc/edit?usp=sharing, Red Mill Responded to me and for your viewing pleasure


They’re pretty awesome about responding. I know a couple other manufacturers have responded to detailed nutrient requests (truenutrition is another) that were cool about it. I’m kind of disappointed that there isn’t a wiki around just yet where we can store this info.


We might ask @Card if he’d be up for downloading files of this kind and getting the data into his foods db for his SoylentQuest app.


Thanks for the heads up, I’m going to import this now!


THAT’S the way! Gotta love it. Thanks, Card.


I’ve added the nutrient profile: http://www.soylentquest.com/ViewFood.aspx?ID=8220.


@Card That looks cool Card, Bookmarking for future use