Buddha had dreams about Soylent


Think about it. Buddha was all about refraining from excess, believing that our love of things and of sensations caused us suffering.

Eating Soylent is very Buddhist.


Also if you look up the 8 precepts of a Buddhist Monk, the monks take a vow to not eat solid food after Noon.

Soylent would definitley be alligned with their beliefs in a number of ways.


Would Soylent be considered cheating then?


What does this have to do with Soylent?


Definitely not when its in liquid form.


Soylent is as tasteless and sensation-less as possible. I think it’s relevant.

The chances that someone over indulges on Soylent and has diabetes or becomes obese while on Soylent are very low.


Are you sure? Some of the DIY recipes will make airport alarms go off. And if you don’t burn calories you will gain weight. Soylent isn’t magical, it’s practical.


I always love it when people say “It isn’t magic”. What exactly is your frame of reference? Do we have something that is magic which we can compare it to? lol


Magic in this context would mean something unexplained.


FWIW, I’m a Buddhist, and I love the simplicity of Soylent. I agree eating Soylent is compatible with Buddhist beliefs.

Incidentally the rule of not eating after noon is only in certain traditions, if you’re on retreat or an ordained monk or nun. Most lay Buddhists (including this one) do eat before and after noon, but avoid excess, and are Vegetarian.