Bug in discourse


I received a PM from @Spaceman today. I replied to it. A few hours later I went back to it to ask him a question. After hitting submit I received an error 500. I tried to submit again but it said my post was too similar to what I had tried to send previously.

I clicked on spaceman’s profile and then on the send personal message icon. I typed the exact same thing and received the same error message saying that what I had tried to post was too similar.

I still haven’t been able to message spaceman.



well, next time dont send php code as part of the text…

int rand
( int $min
, int $max



I did not? xxxxxxxxxx


I’ve gotten that message a number of times, but usually when I try to edit something (correct a typo etc.) and Discourse sees that it’s “too similar” and won’t let me post the edit unless I add a few more characters.

Seems to me that the similarity filter needs to be disabled if a post is being edited… either that or altered such that it can allow for even single-character corrections.


Hey buddy, i was just joking with ya. :smiley:


Whitespace-only edits can cause that, but never edits with actual characters in them.


@sam_saffron can you take a look at the error logs and see what’s up with the failure to PM?


Happened to me on several occasions. I had to swap letters to fix transposition errors, or add an s for a plural, and it said I hadn’t changed enough content. I added a smiley at the end of one post and that went through.


In the mean time I received you message, @ruipacheco
with all that xxxxxxxxxx :smile:


@codinghorror, @sam_saffron, I’m getting the same error (500) this evening while trying to PM @Neebs57


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