Bug in diy.soylent.me?


In People Chow and other recipes, there are 6g of potassium in the ingredients, but then the nutrition profile only shows 3.613. Is this a bug or am I really tired and missing something obvious…?


There’s only so much potassium in potassium citrate. Specifically, 38% is potassium.

Trying to ingest pure potassium would get a bit, uhm… messy.


ahhhh, got it. Is there a handy place where one can reference such things?


For basic compounds you can check wolfram alpha, eg “X in Y”.

For more complex compounds, you can check the individual ingredients in the DIY app (most have them fairly accurately updated) or the nutrition labels themselves. It gets a little tricky for things that aren’t commonly reported (like sulfur) or elements that are available, but not required to be reported. Based off a good bit of cross-reference and poking of manufacturers, the DIY community has been able to build a pretty solid database in the diy app, though.


I get that confused sometimes as well. Specifically when measuring my protein. The weight in grams is different from actual amount of protein. Good luck in your soylent journey. I have been 95% Soylent drinker for a few months now. Love it!