Bug: Inert Green 1 in Opera


Hello all I’m running Opera 12.14 on Ubuntu 12.04, and in the upper right corner there is a green “1” above the notifications icon. The problem is that no amount of clicking, mouse overing, double clicking, right clicking, tabbing focus there, and/or really hoping seems to have opened a menu (or done anything else) that might tell me what the notification is.


Same issue with chome
Version 25.0.1364.160 Ubuntu 12.10


Click your name, then click messages, and there’s a welcome message. I had this problem too, and after I read the message the notification went away. I’m not sure why clicking on the talk bubble doesn’t bring you to your messages, or whatever it’s notifying you of. Hope this helps!

EDIT: when I say click on your name, I mean click on your name as it appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen